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Academic Transcription Services

Global Translation Help offers academic transcription services that are professional, accurate, and best of all. We are here to save you time. Hire native transcribers to transcript your academic audios and videos on time. Pay to get accurate academic transcriptions at affordable and cheap rates.


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Academic Transcription Service


Do you need online Academic Transcription Services on time?  We are at your service. Global Translation Help is one of the largest online transcription websites. It’s therefore our aim to serve the students and educators with the best transcripts of academic documents.

In today’s fast-paced academic environment, speed and accuracy are essential. Therefore, our professional academic transcribers work with the motive to offer you authentic academic transcriptions on time. Moreover, we enable researchers, professors, and scholars to concentrate on more critical activities. We help them by transcribing everything from research notes and dissertation materials and other audio/ video files.

If you want to get academic transcript translation services from the professionals, then choose us without thinking twice. We so promise that this is the best decision you have ever taken. That is to say, all the academic translations and transcriptions by us are fully accepted globally by the ICA, government & statutory bodies, etc.

So, don’t waste your time typing notes in class or transcribing your own audio recordings as it may have errors. Get accurate education transcription is easily at affordable rates.

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Since our startup, two decades back, we have been getting better and better only!


Our certified and expert transcribers are the most qualified and adept in this industry. They transcript the academic document word-for-word for accuracy. However, they remove all the off-topic chit-chats and summarize the questions. We don’t settle for anything less than the best when we test and hire our academic transcription helpers.

Moreover, these academics transcripts will be in the ideal format for someone looking for a concise record of the facts. They let you understand the important things said, pick out key quotes and make practical decisions with clear understandings. Further, our professionals are highly skilled to provide the maximum quality in all academic transcription help at affordable rates. In addition, we offer personalized academic transcriptions for students and lecturers.

We transcribe lectures, focus groups, interviews, seminars, thesis and more. Moreover, our team of expert transcribers have the goal in mind to complete your academic transcripts on time and without any errors.  Our transcription services of academic documents will be of professional quality every time. Quality and accuracy are what you should consider when you are think about outsourcing your academic transcription agency.


We have a team of native transcribers and quality analysts from all over the world. Moreover, each and every one is a trained language expert who can understand different dialects, slang, and other cultural nuances. So, in order to purchase online academic transcription assistance from us, you need to follow these few steps:

  • Go to our home page and upload a scanned copy of your academic transcripts
  • Select the source and target language, Type of document and fill other details
  • Once our team evaluates your scanned documents, you will therefore have to pay for the transcription cost via any online gateway
  • Once you the make the payment, the educational transcription will be done immediately.
  • Finally, on or before the day of the deadline, you will get a digital copy of your academic transcripts via email. Moreover, on demand, a hard copy of academic transcripts is also available.


Academic transcripts are the most important educational documents which can be of great importance to yo. So, if you are not a local scholar and you don’t understand a language, buy accurate academic transcription solutions. Moreover, you can get the best & cheap services by hiring professional university transcribers from us.

Above all, it is the easiest. Most students we know use their cell phones as a recorder for their class lectures. To get the translations of these lectures, all you have to do is register on our site and upload the audio or video directly from your mobile device.

Foreign scholars use it to transcribe their lectures. In addition, even professors take our services for the same as it helps students. Moreover, many medical or engineering students contact us to avail our bulk transcription services with discounts.

Academic transcription is widely used by students to transcribe interviews done for their research. Our affordable rates combined with accuracy guarantee helps them.

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