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Global Translation Help is the best translation agency in Australia that offers high quality document translation at cheap prices. We are the trusted provider of translation services with a huge team of NAATI certified Aussie translators. So, if you are seeking accurate document translation services in Australia like citizenship documents, immigration documents, business documents etc., then we are your best option.

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Certified NAATI Translation Services for Immigration

Immigration is the core reason of the growing economy of Australia. Therefore, many people may seek to translate their immigration documents at cheap prices. We offer premium travel document translation help by native NAATI translators on time. Now you can easily get help with migration related document translations by expert NAATI certified translators in Australia. Some of the major immigration documents which our NAATI translators translate are:

  • Driver’s License
  • Citizenship Document Translation
  • Passport & Visa
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Reports
  • Marriage Certificate

Our Translation Services

Exclusive Document Translation Services in Australia

Birth Certificate Translations

Here we offer the best birth certificate translation services from or to any language you want. For instance, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese or any language you want. So, don’t panic if you’re to apply for immigration in Australia and your birth certificate is in Thai, we will translate it for you into English at affordable rates.

Website Translations

Do you want to expand your business outside Australia and need to translate your website? We are the best you’ve got. Our native NAATI translators are capable of translating or localizing your website into any language you want. Now you may take over any market and grab their attention just by buying premium website translation help. We may also translate your product details and descriptions, manuals etc. into any language with utmost precision.

Citizenship Document Translations

Are you stressing about your Australian citizenship application? Don’t worry, we will help you by translating all the supporting documents needed to get an Australian citizenship certificate. Some of the documents we help with are birth certificate, pay slip, driver’s license, visa etc.

Police Report Translations

Do you want to submit some police reports to the Australian government to investigate the facts but your native language is French? We will help you to translate police reports from French to English along with certification and notary services. We can also provide NAATI certified document translation for The Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Driver’s License Translations

If you have recently migrated to Australia you may need to translate your driving license for various purposes. We offer accurate translations of driver’s licenses by NAATI translators in Australia. So now you may easily drive around in Australia with the driver’s license translation services in Australia.

Business Document Translations

Do you want to set up a new business in Australia? We can help you remove the language barrier and fulfill all your legal obligations on time. Let expert NAATI accredited translators translate your business documents like contracts, bank statements, Meeting reports etc. On time.

Expert Aussie NAATI Certified Translators from Prime Locations

People from all over the world seek Australian translation services if they wish to migrate or travel this country. CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse group) has been gaining a lot of importance in the Australian culture. Therefore, we employ highly qualified and NAATI certified translators from all over the world. Our linguists have the capability to translate any document, irrespective of the industry from/ to any language you need.

Our Aussie translating experts are from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other Australian cities. These language service providers have the expertise to accurately translate any document as per the guidelines laid down by you. Moreover, each NAATI translator is a professional and expert in the languages and the field of their specialization. Therefore, we are the most reliable translation service provider across Australia.

Specialized Translation Services By Certified Translators

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Ans. Yes, all our translations are created by NAATI-accredited translators and are thus “NAATI-certified”. You even get the stamp and signature of the translator on the translated document.

It usually takes around 24 hours to translate a normal sized document. While you place the order just state your deadline, we promise not to delay the translation.

Ans. The NAATI certified translations are a bit more costly than the normal translation. However, our experts don’t over charge you. We offer high quality translation services at standard and competitive prices.

Ans. No, we don’t. We just need a clear scanned copy of you document that you may send via email or fax to our team.

ANS. Of course! All you need to do is to scan your documents and email them to us. Leave the rest on us, we won’t disappoint you.

Ans. We, at Global Translation Help offer document translations for all industries like medical, legal, Business, technical, academic etc. Just approach us with you document and we will translate it for you.

Ans. We may need your Source document, Languages involved (source and target language), Purpose of translation, type of translation and any other specification or requirement that you may need.

ANS. Once we have translated your documents, we will send you a draft for approval by e-mail. We also deliver hardcopies of translations upon request with some additional charges.

Ans. All our documents go through a proofreading and editing process after translation. We provide TEP services for all our clients to ensure 100% accuracy in the document.

Ans. No. Aussie Translators are bound by the NAATI code of ethics to translate only what is on the document. If there is an error in your document, you will need to go back to the authority that issued the document to have it corrected.