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Employee Handbook Translation Services

Global Translation Help offers the best online Employee Handbook Translation Services at cheap prices. Hire proficient and certified HR document translators to translate your employee handbook. Get fast and accurate translations of employee handbook.


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Employee Handbook Translation


Are you seeking to get online Employee Handbook Translation services? Don’t worry. If you need to translate your company’s employee handbook, Global Translation Help is here for a fast and efficient solution. That is to say, we have been translating dozens of employee handbooks into over 200 languages.

An employee handbook is a document that contains guidelines to protect the rights of employers and employees in the workplace. To clarify, it contains working rules, procedures, policies. In addition, it describes the conduct expected from employees in a particular workplace. Therefore, text should set out basic concepts and logical structures before explaining the more complex topics.

Therefore, any error or alteration in an employee’s handbook translation can cause a wide range of misunderstandings and legal implications. The importance of using a qualified employee handbook translator is very essential. It is important for employee handbooks to be simple and easy to understand. That is, without the use of buzz-words or obscure verbiage. So, hire legal translator who are proficient of not only the philosophy and policies, but also its industry mission. We use only professional human translators for all document translations. All translators translate into their native language only.

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Our employee handbook translations are prepared by ATA certified translators. They possess the necessary qualifications and subject matter expertise in translating human resources documents. For instance, they may translate employee pass, contracts and other HR documents. Our expert translators of employee handbook make use of their innovative translation skills in addition to technology tools to provide quick and efficient employee handbook translations.

Our team is standing by on a 24*7-basis to provide client assistance whenever you need us. Therefore, clients find it easy to work with us, as we work taking into consideration the deadlines and increases in work volume. Our local network of translators we hire are the citizens from all over the globe. they are all set to offer you with culturally-appropriate translations of significant HR documents. Moreover, we offer Language translation services for all our international clients.

Above all, once we translate an employee handbook or any HR documentation, our experienced linguists will review the translation. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes in the translation of employee handbook. We make sure to proofread the document before delving the final document. Our proofreaders keep an eye on any typo-es, grammatical, or stylistic mistakes to make sure the end client receives a flawless quality and confidential translation.


Our expert translators provide translation help with employee handbooks for a wide range of business categories. Hire certified business translators with knowledge and expertise in various fields. Moreover, we assign a translator to your project on the basis of the subject of your employee document translation requirements. so, some important points to be kept in mind while translation are:

  • Consider account federal and state laws
  •  Straightforward instructions and information, appropriate tone, and accuracy will make your employee handbook more effective.
  • The handbook should be translated in the employee’s native language
  • To be effective your document must have a clear title and avoid legalese. The simpler and clearer the better.
  • The HR team should immediately update any changes in policies in the handbook.
  • Ensure that the handbook is part of your employees’ routine


Although a company does not require by law to maintain an employee handbook, many companies do. Having a well-constructed handbook for employees has become even more important today. That is to say, due to the rise in cases of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. International firms with a multi-lingual workforce in offices around the world will have to translate their employee handbook into each local language.

We work in a group of translators, editors and proofreaders to ensure accuracy and quality. Moreover, our average turn-around time is 24 hours for a normal document. We promise to live up-to your exceptions by translating your employee handbook on time that too at cheap prices. Our streamlined processes and quality assurance procedures allow us to focus both our internal and external resources.

These provide translation services for your employee handbook and/or any other type of business documentation that you may need translation in. So, don’t hesitate to ask us for ‘translate my business document’. We are at your services 24*7.

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