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Take help with document translations in Singapore by proficient language experts. Hire certified document translators from Singapore who have the knowledge and qualification to translate any document from or to any language. Pay to get the best translation help in Singapore at standard and affordable rates.

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100% Accurate Singapore Translation Help Services

We have a huge team of Singapore translation experts who aim at providing utmost satisfaction to the customer. Therefore, providing 100% accurate and error free content is our ultimate goal. Hire proficient translators from Singapore to translate any document with complete accuracy and at cheap prices. We are among the best translation agencies in Singapore with standard and competitive rates.

So, don’t you worry if you have approaching deadlines and low budget. Buy language translation in Singapore from the best certified translators. We present to you the best translation help with PR Applications, Birth Certificates, Driver’s License, Academic certificates for people from Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China and other countries. In addition to translation we also offer SAL certification and notary services for clients on request.

Our Translation Services

Professional Document Translations from / to any Language

Driving License Translation

Pay to get high quality driver’s license translations in Singapore at cheap prices. Hire professional Singapore translators to translate driving license from or to any language you want. Buy affordable driver’s license translation help for immigrations or for any other legal purpose with full accuracy.

PR Application

People from Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and other neighbor countries seek PR Application translation services in Singapore. So, if you’re looking for language translation of PR Application from or to any language, we are your best bet. Order the best help with PR Application translation in Singapore from us at cheap rates.

Sworn Translators

A sworn translation is the one which is considered to be an officially accepted translation of any document. Avail services by sworn translators in Singapore along with the stamp and signature to validate the originality of the document. Get high-quality Sworn translation assistance in Singapore with complete human translation.

Birth Certificate Translation

Translate you Birth certificate in Singapore by professional translating experts. Hire Malay birth certificate translators for accurate and error free translations on time. Take 100% human translations of Singapore birth certificate to or from over 200 languages. Moreover, we provide translations that are accepted globally by courts, USCIS, ICA, embassies or other legal official bodies.

Public Notary

People often seek to get online public notary services in Singapore along with document translations. Here at Global Translation help, hire professional notary from Singapore to provide you notarized translations at cheap prices. You may get all services under the same roof including translation, certification and notarization of documents in Singapore.

Academic Document Translations

We have a huge team of native professional translators in Singapore for academic documents. Get academic document translations for educational certificates, essays, assignments, SPM certificates, marksheets etc. At cheap price and on time. So, hire academic translators from Singapore to translate your paper from/ to any language you need.

Immigration Document Translation Help in Singapore on Time

People from all over the world wish to migrate to Singapore for education, work or any other purpose. Moreover, in order to settle in this multi-cultural society, translation services are greatly in need. Hire Singapore translators to translate all your travel or immigration document in any language you want. Some of the major immigration document translations for Singapore citizens that we offer are:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Marriage Certificate
  • PR Application
  • Travel Documents
  • Driver's License
  • Reentry Permit
  • Arrival Record etc.

Specialized Translation Services By Certified Translators

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Ans. We offer high quality translation services in Singapore at the most affordable prices in Singapore. Send us your requirements and we will provide you a comprehensive quote with no hidden charges.

We have a huge team of certified translators and linguists who have around 10 years of experience and knowledge. Moreover, assignments are conducted by native language speakers with experience in the specific business sector for greater accuracy. We also offer translation help that the ICA, embassies and other legal officials will accept worldwide. So, don’t think twice before ordering our services.

ANS. No, we don’t. We provide 100% human translations for all our Singapore clients. Our certified translators in Singapore ensure full accuracy and clarity of the document.

Ans. Yes, we do. Hire expert native translators to not only translate your document in Singapore but also provide certification and notarization at budget price.

ANS.. We translate all types of documents related to any industry. Be it technical, legal, business, academic or even scientific, we have subject matter experts to translate it for you.

ANS. No, we just need a clear scanned copy of the source document. Clarity is of utmost importance otherwise there may be some kind of error or mistake. You may send us the scanned file via email or fax.

ANS. Clients can be assured of the quality of our translation services, as most of our translators come with a minimum of 5 years of experience, and have been with us for a couple of years. We will assign the best translator for you according to your source and target language and the type of translation you need.

ANS. We offer language translations for 200+ languages including all Asian and EU languages. For example, Chinese, Dtch, Korean, Malaysian, Cambodian, Japanese, Khmer etc. So just name the language and we will do it for you even if it’s a rare one..

ANS. Sorry to inform you but we are not authorized to make changes in the original document. You may contact the legal official responsible and authorized to make the changes for you.

ANS. It usually takes around 24 hours to translate a normal size document. However, if you need thee translations before that, you may get urgent translation services from Singapore translators at cheap prices as well. We also deliver the hardcopy upon request at cheap prices as well.