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Seeking high quality document translation services in the UK? Global Translation Help is here at your aid. We provide premium UK translation services for various industries like legal, financial, life science,technical, business etc. We employ the best ATC certified translators in the UK who specialize in providing accurate translations of documents on time.

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Global Translation Help is among the best translation agencies that has been serving in this industry for more than 10 years. Our UK translators help the clients to overcome the language barriers and promote globalization. We only employ highly skilled and professional language translators from London, Boston, Manchester and other UK cities who can deliver a fast and efficient service. Our UK professional translators can translate a variety of documents:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Employment Contracts
  • Marriage & Divorce Certificates
  • Passport
  • Insurance Documents
  • Academic Certificates, Marksheets, Transcripts etc.

Our Translation Services

Types of UK Translation Services We Provide

Legal Translations

The United Kingdom government has very narrow and strict rules, therefore accurate translations are needed for the legal documents. Hire legal translators from the UK who have the expertise and qualification to accurately translate the Legal documents. Such as, UK court orders, police clearance, contracts, affidavits and other documents.

Technical Translations

We have a huge team of ATC certified technical translators in the UK for technical document translations. We have been translating technical or scientific documents like power generations manuals, civil engineering works (tender work, descriptions, proposal), Technical instructions etc. So, if you are looking for someone to handle your complex document translations, just contact us.

Medical/ Life Science Translations

Many people from all over the world visit the United Kingdom for medical treatments. So,accurate translations of medical documents from your native language to English is very important.Any type of error of false information may result in being a danger to the patient’s health. Hire London medical translators to translate medical and life science documents on time.

Business Translations

Global Translation Help aims at helping people to over the linguistic barriers and promote globalization. So, if you are planning to establish your business in the UK, we will ease your work. Hire UK Business document translators for both small business and large business in the UK. Translate your business documents from/ to French, German, Spanish, English or any other Asian or EU language you want.

Financial Document Translations

Translate all your financial documents on time at a cheap price. Avail help with financial translations provided by native language experts in the UK. We offer translations for financial documents like balance sheets, P&<, books of accounts, bank statements and other documents.

Website Translations

Expand your business to new territories by availing online website translation services. Pay to get help from UK website translators who can accurately translate your website as if it is the original site. Reach valuable UK markets by ordering our professional UK website translation help.

Why Choose Global Translation Help?

  • 24*7 Available Online Support Team
  • High quality Document translations with full accuracy, clarity and naturalness
  • Hire ATC certified translators in the United Kingdom who have years of expertise and proficiency
  • After every translation, our UK proofreaders and editors revise the document to ensure 100% accuracy
  • 100% Human Translation
  • Cost Effective translation services for 200+ languages
  • Unlimited Revisions available for all our clients

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Ans. We take great pride in the quality of our translations as we are an officially registered member of the ATC UK (Association of Translation Companies UK). We follow strict guidelines and quality control measures to ensure that each of our translations is accurate and true to its original source or suitably transformed and adapted in order to be appealing to your target audience.

Ans. The cost of your translation depends on a variety of factors including the content, the source files, type of translation, the languages requested and the turnaround time required. However, we promise not to overcharge you, our prices are very standard and competitive in the market.

Ans. We have a dedicated team organising certified, sworn, notarised and legalised translations on a daily basis. Hire ATC certified UK translators who have over a decade of experience in certifying legal translations and our own dedicated Solicitor and Notary Public. By using our translation services, you can save both time and money.

Ans. Yes, we can. All you have to do is send us a scanned copy of your document.

Ans. We provide language translation services for over 200 languages including all Asian and EU languages like French, Polich, British, German, Spanish etc.

Ans. Yes, we can. We provide translations along with certifications as well as public notary services to validate the translation. We guarantee that the translation will be accepted by every UK official and ICA.

Ans. No. As per ISO standards, a translator can translate only what is on the document. If there is an error in your source document, you will need to go back to the authority that issued the document to have it corrected.

Ans. We don’t need your original documents for translations. You may send in a clear image or a scanned copy via email or fax.

Ans. We provide 100% human translations for all our clients, unless you have specifically requested our machine translation services.

Ans. Once the translation is done, we will mail you the draft. In case you need to make any changes you can let us know. Once you are fully satisfied, we will deliver the final translation via mail or even deliver a hardcopy upon request.