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Now order the best translation services in USA at cheap rates. Global Translation Help is the ultimate solution for all your translation problems in the United States of America. Buy USA translation help for medical, legal, business, IT, academic and immigrations purposes. Hire ATA certified translators to translate your documents into 200+ languages.

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Global Translation Help is the leading USA translation website that offers an extensive range of document and language services. We offer our translation in USA for a wide range of industries such as medicine, law, technology, commercial and so on. Further, our ATA certified translators in USA can also provide certified, sworn and public translation services. Some of the major certified document translation services in US that we offer are:

  • Business Contract Translations
  • Court Order Translations
  • Driving License Translations
  • Immunization Card Translations
  • Diploma Certificate Translations
  • Passport Translations

Our Translation Services

Hire ATA Certified Translators to Translate All Documents

Certified Legal Translations

Most of the USA officials ask for either certified or notarized document translations. We therefore have a huge team of expert document translators from US who are members of professional translation associations like ATA, DLPT, CMI etc. They therefore have the authority and qualification to translate as well as certify all your document translations on time.

Business Document Translation

People from all over the world seek to expand their business in or outside USA. Therefore, buy premium business translation services in USA from our team and achieve the goal of internationalization and increasing sales. Our translators will even translate your software or websites as well. So for any translation of business documents, just come to us.

Medical Translation Help

Hire expert medical translators in USA who can accurately translate all your medical documents. For instance, immunization card, medical manuals, prescriptions, life science documents etc. We have a huge team of American translators who have specialization in the field of medicine. Pay to get translation from English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, French, Korean etc.

Technical Translation Services

Premium translation of technical documents in USA at budget. We have a huge team of British technical translators who not just have proficiency in the language pairs but also the industry. Hire translators in USA who have knowledge about the technical jargon and translate document like power generations manuals, civil engineering works (tender work, descriptions, proposal), Technical instructions etc.

Marketing Translation Services

Marketing is one the rapidly growing industry that needs a lot of translations. Buy marketing translation help in USA for a number of documents. We offer translation help with marketing documents such as Company Brochures, PPC Campaigns, Blog Posts etc.

Financial Translations

Pay to get translation of financial documents in USA by expert British translators. They hold either a PhD or master’s degrees in the field of finance. Moreover, we offer financial translation help in USA for top international organizations and companies who tend to reorder our services.

100% Human Translation Services in the USA

Most of the online translation websites in USA claim to offer high quality services and charge high rates for it. However, they end up delivering the cheapest quality translations. We therefore offer 100% human translation help at cheap prices. Machine translations often provide inaccurate and meaningless translations and so the client has to face rejections by the receiving party. Only a professional industry specialist cann handle the translations.

Therefore, we have a team of freelance document translators who are subject matter specialists and can handle any document translation for you. Being an ISO certified agency, you don’t need to worry about the quality of our services as well. However, you may validate the quality of our services by visiting ur customer review page.

Specialized Translation Services By Certified Translators

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Ans. Our experts offer language translations in USA for 200+ Asian and EU languages including Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Mexican, Chinese and even the rare languages like Bhutanese. So, no matter what language you need to translate, just come to us.

We provide high-quality translation services in US to a wide range of industries including finance, law, healthcare, business and technology. By fast, easy, affordable and accurate translation help for all your documents and language translations. We also offer certified and notary translations in the USA with utmost authenticity and clarity.

Ans. You may submit the documents to us electronically: website, email, text message, messenger or fax. Just make sure that the copy is clear to get accurate translations.

Ans. No, We translate a variety of documents for various industry. Buy certified translations for birth/ marriage/ divorce and death certificates, court order, passport, IDs and other documents.

Ans . Provide 100% human translations that in itself ensures accuracy. Further, after every translation, our certified USA proofreaders and editors evaluate and rectify the translations and deliver fully accurate document.

Ans. Yes, our ATA accredited translators have the updates about the changes in the policies and will translate your documents as per the guidelines that you provide and that of the receiving party. Therefore, all the legal and official bodies in the USA and even the immigration department will accept the translations.

Ans. The cost of translations depends upon various factors such as the content, source files, type of translation, the language pairs and the turnaround time required. However, we promise not to overcharge you, our prices are very standard and competitive in the market.

Ans - We have a huge team of ATA certified translators in USA who have a minimum 5 years of experience in this industry. All our translators hold either a PhD or master's degree in their area of specialization and are fully authorized to accurately translate and certify your documents.

Ans. You may either contact us via email or our 24*7 available customer support team. We promise to get back to you as soon as we get your request.

Ans - We will deliver the translation as soon as we complete it. It usually takes around 24 hours to translate a normal sized document. We also offer instant translation help in USA if you need the translation within a few hours.