About us

Who We Are

We are a leading translation company based in the USA with over 100+ language translation services. The certified translation services we provide always ensure to make crystal clear translation highly comprehensible by the clients and customers. The tangible translated material delivered with a certificate of authenticity to build high customer satisfaction and a memorable experience.

GlobalTranslationHelp is highly recognized among USA citizens for its best USCIS certified translations and localization services. We are united with professional US-based translators committed to manifest collective effort for our common vision and goals. Our translation and localization experts have huge language enthusiasm and respect for well-known as well as unrecognized foreign languages.

Providing language translation services for families, thus, works in an efficient manner no matter what. With the team of translating professionals having each language familiarity at its peak, encouraging us to provide the finest document translation services in the USA.

As the name GlobalTranslationHelp suggests, we allow businesses to shine brighter globally through our website localization services. What’s unique about us is that we never disclose the information of our client’s documents and credentials by maintaining our translation help 100% confidential.

We don’t limit our professionalism to just localization & online translation services and but also equally emphasize our transcription services, interpretation services & public notary services. Nobody leaves bare-handed when they search for translation services near me as our local translators are available 24/7 to convert their documents error-free. Also, we have been working for legal translation services to translate court documents when needed for any legal purpose.

Vision and Goals – The Purpose of our Existence

To help peers with personal documents, legal papers, & academic certificate translation needs in order to let them live freely. Ranges from immigration document translation like passport or birth certificate to financial document translation like Bank Statements or Annual Reports, our expert human resources and highly advanced tools aim to provide the best that can qualify with client’s needs.

Our customer care services strive to maintain availability 24/7 to serve customers with high-quality services in Spanish, Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, and all types of languages. Our ATA-certified linguists and interpreters prioritize goals around reliable services for each project. No matter where our customer resides, our objective is to provide efficient online translation services for Chicago, California, Texas, Hawaii, New York, Florida, and all 50 states of the USA.

Here is what we known for: