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Do you want a transcription of legal files at cheap price? Global Translation Help provides the best transcription services USA at cheap rates. Hire law professionals to provide an accurate and efficient legal transcription help. Our legal transcribers provide customers with a cost effective and efficient transcription solution on time.

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Legal Transcription Service

Accurate Legal Transcription Services

At Global Translation Help, we have a huge team of competent legal transcribers who offer the best legal transcription services with their proficiency with legal terminologies. They’ve been handling thousands of legal projects for clients from all over the world. So, we understand the importance of preparing legal documents with careful attention to detail. Moreover, our commitment to providing accurate service has made us the leading transcription provider in this industry.

Legal transcription is the process of transcribing any type of legal proceeding from the spoken word, for example, audio or video files) into a written text document. Legal transcription involves the process of transcribing content that is of legal purpose for some private or official concern. Thus, the resulting product will become a subject of legal records. We aim at providing accurate transcriptions with the exact format so you can easily find the information you need.

Today, the legal transcription industry is growing rapidly. Services can include a transcription of depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, interrogations, client letters, legal briefs, etc. Any legal transcriber can’t do the Legal document transcriptions. A person with multiple years of experience in the field of law alone can understand the terminologies and jargon correctly. Hire professional law transcribers with the help of legal transcription company like us. So, contact us for all your transcription of legal files anytime.

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Types of Legal Transcription Services That We Offer

Legal documents in the form of audio and video recordings are fully transcribed by the expert and native law transcribers. Moreover, we do not encourage machine transcription of legal documents. That is to say, we provide 100% human transcriptions for all our clients. To maintain the quality and accuracy of the legal document transcription, we avoid machine translations.

With our intensive experience in handling various types of legal files, we can efficiently handle any kind of court transcription work. Some of the major legal transcriptions we offer are:

  • Legal Pleadings
  • Jury Instructions
  • Public hearings
  • Arbitration hearings
  • Wiretaps
  • Interview transcriptions
  • Court Tapes Transcription
  • Recorded deposition
  • Court Proceedings Transcription
  • Instructions to Counsel
  • Affidavits
  • Particulars of Claim etc.

Our legal typing services also include legal editing and proofreading services. Therefore, pay to get legal transcribing services from us within a fast turnaround time.

Guidelines to Avail Transcription Services for Legal Files from Our Experts

Global Translation Help experts can transcribe PACE tapes (Police and Criminal Evidence). When transcribing, any overlapping noise can be distracting and our specialist machines have the ability to eliminate the voice.  To ensure full accuracy and authenticity, we will go through the transcripts a second time and enter the time codes accordingly.

Moreover, if you have any special requirements like certification and notarization of the legal transcripts, our professionals will provide you that as well. Therefore, go through the following steps to buy online legal transcriptions:

  • Do you have any files, audio or video, that contains any legal information? If you are going to use that in court, you need to transcript it into the native language that the court understands.
  • What you can do is to simply send the audio or video file to the professional transcribers an email at
  • Hire legal transcriptions professionals who will provide transcription services for all formats of audio or video files in the form of a written document. Further, they transcribe it with great care keeping in mind the accuracy of the legal document.
  • After transcription, they maintain the quality by providing extra services like editing and proofreading for legal transcripts to detect and fix flaws, mistakes, and errors.
  • Once they complete the transcription, we do a final revision to ensure accuracy.
  • In case, you need certified or notarized legal transcriptions, we will also do it for you.

Legal Document Transcriptions for 200+ Languages at Budget

The law transcription services we offer are by native transcription professionals who have proficiency in multiple languages. For example, if the origin audio and video file are in the Russian language, you will get transcription services from native Russian transcribers and translators.

That is to say, they will transcribe the legal audio or video file from the Russian language to any other language into a written word document. So, if you want medical transcription services from Russian to English, you will get it from us without any error. Moreover, these law transcribing helpers are qualified to translate the documents in over 200 languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Japanese, Burmese, and many more.

The price of the legal transcription helps our expert law transcribers charge are quite reasonable. If you want the best transcription service at a reasonable price, Global Translation Help is the best option we may fulfill your legal transcription requirements. Moreover, the price for added services like editing, proofreading, and revision is also very low. We lead this industry in terms of nominal rates; as we charge relatively the lowest rates.