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Are you planning to start a business, or buy a property in the USA? But, for making your plans work, the documentation demands owning certified true copies of your documents in the USA. Global Translation Help is the renowned Certified True Copy Services in the USA.Now, before introducing our certified true copy services to you let us dig deep into the meaning of a certified true copy. And, why and when do we require it?


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True Copy Certification and Its requirement in the USA

A certified true copy is a copy of an original document, made by a notary public, lawyer, or commissioner. Moreover, this copy has a certificate attached to it stating that the person who made the copy has compared it to the original one ensuring it is a genuine true copy.

Translation and True Copy Certification in the USA: A hand-in-hand process

If you are getting your documents translated before going to the USA, then, you may require certified true copies of your translated documents. We provide the best and authenticated certified true copy services in the USA for the following documents:

Briefly, if you are using the translated documents for personal purposes, you can skip the certification part. However, in some situations that buying land, starting a business would demand submitting certified true copies of your original, translated documents.

Thus, this is when you can reach out to the trained professionals from global true copy translators in the USA for getting certified true copies of documents.

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Who will certify true copy in the USA?

Normally, the process of generating certified true copies of documents in the USA comes under notarization and/or legalization. So, a notary, lawyer, or commissioner can certify the true copies of documents.


Notarization is certifying a document as an authenticated copy of an original document, or as a valid document.

Various services offered in process of notarization are:

  • General notarization certifying the document is valid
  • Stating and certifying copies of original documents as true copies.

Which documents need notarization:

  • Documents that are to be declared as  genuine, for example, photocopies of academic results; and
  • Also, documents that authorize someone, like Power of Attorney.

Who will provide Notarization?

Now, where to look for notarization? We here, at Globaltranslationhelp.com provide you with the notarization of the documents. In fact, our certified true copy services are just one click away!


Legalization is the process of certifying a legal document so as it is accepted in legal matters. For example, if you have just landed in the USA and eventually, you are stuck in some legal case, then the documents you need to show up should be legalized. Moreover, the same goes for the process of applying for an immigration application.

The process followed in Legalization:

  1. Notarization of the document.
  2.  legalize the document.
  3. Take the document to the Mission of the country, here, the document is sent for the actual legalization certification.

Hire  Certified True Copy Services from Global true Copy translators in the USA and get these features !!

  1. Authenticity Proof: While you are dealing with us, we guarantee you an authentic and genuine service.
  2. Affordable price and instant service:  Our certification Services at Globaltranslationhelp.com are cost-effective and will not be heavy on your pocket.
  3. Ease of process of certification:  All the services offered by us are simple. We refrain from bothering our customers and wish to give them a  good experience with the process of certifying true copies.
  4.  You can also use our certified true copies in place of originals in case you lose your original documents.


To summarize, a certified true copy of your document will help you in many ways. You can get certified true copies in the USA for passport, driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. a copy of certification might also help you in the legalization of your documents for business and judicial purposes. Having said that, you can easily get your true copies certified by global true copy translators in the USA by contacting our professional team at Globaltranslatiohelp.com. Also, remember that we will make it easier for you.

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