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100% Human Translation Services only at Global Translation Help. We provide only manual document translations to all our clients. This ensures full accuracy, authenticity and naturalness. Hire native human translators to translate you documents in 200+ languages and dialects. Pay to get manual translations of documents in New York,Los Angeles,Texas,Chicago,Seattle,and other countries.

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100% Human Translation Services

Most people seek Human Translation Services as they are more reliable and ensures accurate translations. Global Translation Help is among the top translation agencies that offer manual translations of documents. Moreover, unlike other online translation websites, we do not use machine translation. Our expert document translators, therefore, translate all the documents manually in USA.

When it comes to translations, nothing is more reliable than human document translations. That is to say, no machine or tool can match the accuracy of the manual translations. Buy human translation services for an extensive range of documents or languages. Further, we appoint we employ a three-step human quality control system. For every project, we appoint a certified translator, editors, and proofreader who work on your project to deliver an accurate translation.

However, we do use TM Tools that improve the quality, turnaround times, and the overall cost as well. No matter how much the technology is advancing, still, the machine translations won’t match the quality of the human translation help. Moreover, it’s not just about the quality, translation services by humans also improve the overall readability and flow. So, pay to get manual translation services by us at cheap prices.

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Since our startup, two decades back, we have been getting better and better only!

Machine v/s Human Translation Services

With the growing technology, machines and computers are also reaching the heights of evolution. Computer translation services are indeed free of cost and less time-consuming. However, it is not just converting a word from one language to another. A thorough understanding of the subject is very much essential to maintain the source integrity of the document.

Machine translations are free of cost and that is why the translation quality is also poor. Moreover, computer translations aim at translating word to word, and thus the whole content is meaningless. As a result, most of the legal officials won’t accept the translation and you may have to face rejections or delay.

Human translations are more accurate and high quality as industry specialists understand the document and then translate. Moreover, human translators have proficiency in the language as well as the industry. And also they help you to maintain the true meaning of the source document. However, manual translation services do cost a bit, but it will totally be worth it.

Machines can never replace manual translations keeping in mind they will never be able to understand the meaning of the document. We have a team of professional human translators who provide high-quality document translations. Further, we hire certified human document translators from  USA countries.

Premium Document Translation Help

People from all over the world seek to hire online human translating experts to translate documents for various fields like medical, legal, technical, and financial. Hire professional document translators who can translate any document from/ to any language you want. Moreover, all our freelance translators have the knowledge and expertise to translate simply to the most complex documents before your deadlines.

We employ human translation specialists who own Ph.D. or master’s degrees in their field of study. They also have a minimum of 5 years of experience in this translation industry. Further, they also have to undergo a strict training period thus preparing them to accurately translate the documents. Some of the major document translation help we offer are:

  • Birth Certificate Translations
  • Embassy Document Translations
  • Research Paper Translations
  • IDs
  • Citizenship Translation Help
  • Driver’s License Translations
  • Software Translation Help
  • Translation of Medical Reports
  • Passport Translations
  • Translation of Life Science Document etc.

So, no matter what type of document translation help you need, just approach us. Our team will evaluate and quote a price according to your requirements. Moreover, our project manager reviews your translation from start till the end, so don’t worry about the accuracy.

200+ Asian & EU Language Translation Help

Only certified human translators can provide accurate translation services. We have a huge team of human language translators who have proficiency in multiple languages. Moreover, our translators hold certification from professional translations associations like ATA, NAATI, ATC, DLPT, etc. Hire human translators from our team as machines are not capable of accurate document translations.

Therefore, hire multilingual translators who have proficiency in over 200+ languages. It includes all the Asian and EU languages and dialects, even the rare ones. For instance English, Tagalog, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Oromo, Bulgarian, Dutch, and the list goes on. Even if you need to translate a rare language like Thai, hire a Thai translator to translate any document from/ to Thai.

Moreover, we also have certified human proofreaders and editors to evaluate your documents and rectify any errors. So, no matter if you have a simple or complex translation, our expert human translators can handle it. Buy fast, hassle-free, and affordable human translation services at your own comfort.