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Are you a hospital or a multi-specialty clinic struggling to handle your transcriptions and submit reports into your system? Don't worry we got you. Global Translation Help has a team of professional medical transcribers who have years of experience in providing medical transcription services. Pay to get audio and video medical transcriptions at fast turnarounds at competitive prices.

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Professional Medical Transcription Services

Global Translation Help is a leading provider of medical transcription services. We have expert and knowledgeable medical transcribers who carefully transcribe clinical documentation. We promise that our team of medical transcription experts have up-to-date experience in the healthcare sector. Therefore, they will understand your medical terminology and documentation to ensure complete and accurate transcriptions of medical files.

The main purpose of availing transcriptions is the storage of accurate information. Most importantly in the medical field, even the smallest error can hurt the overall report. In short, you may have face some legal repercussions as well. Therefore, we have professional and qualified transcribers for medical files. We are proud of their high-quality transcriptions for the law are ready to help you with the medical audio recordings you send to us.

Medical transcription is a broad term that covers a vast amount of different specialties and areas of medicine. Therefore, it is always a good idea to select a transcription agency that can appoint a medical secretary with training and experience in your specific field of medicine. We make it our job to familiarize ourselves with your terminology (if we aren’t already) so that you won’t have to face any difficulties. We bet to serve with the highest quality you will hardly find at other transcription agencies.

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Since our startup, two decades back, we have been getting better and better only!

Medical Documentation Transcription Services

Most of our clients rely on an expert understanding of complex terminology, guaranteeing a level of precision. It is not only crucial from a medical standpoint but a personal one as well. Transcription of a patient’s medical history, along with treatments and medication, ultimately presents a person’s health. Therefore, it gives doctors a greater understanding of their needs.

We offer fast and accurate transcriptions to medical researchers, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals around the world. Moreover, pay to get verbatim transcripts that transfer the spoken word, exactly how it is heard into text. We use verbatim transcripts for compliance and legal processes. Some of the major medical transcripts that we offer are:

  • Clinical Summary
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Dentistry
  • Digital Reports
  • Neurology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical Virology
  • Dermatology
  • Consultation reports
  • Rehabilitation notes etc.

Also, you may hire multilingual transcribers who offer high court transcriptions, technical translations, etc. Moreover, we work hard to create a friendly and supportive community and we would very much like you to join us.

100% Secure Medical Transcription Help At Cheap Prices

If you buy medical transcription help from us, they can be highly cost-effective and easy. That is to say, we provide our clients with highly affordable pricing options that will suit the client’s budget. Apart from our cheap costs, our transcription medical experts offer unparalleled expertise and accuracy.

We employ highly experienced medical experts who concentrate on your work field. Moreover, our rigorous system of quality assurance checks allows us to achieve 99% accuracy with every transcript. We understand that medical transcripts higher security and privacy. To describe our commitment to confidentiality, we are an ISO certified agency that guarantees that your data is always treated with the greatest security and integrity.

Further, we work to strict security protocols to keep information safe and all processes for information security management. So, wait no more, come to us with any medical, academic, legal, or even technical transcription, we will serve you the best solutions at the cheapest rates.