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Want Public Notary Services in USA at cheap price? Global Translation Help is among the leading online translation website that offers translation, certification and even notarization services in USA. Hire professional public notary from the US who have the authority and knowledge to provide notarial services for all your documents. Moreover, our US public notaries have years of experience in their field so will never disappoint you. So, just contact us anytime you need public notary help in the USA within your budget.


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Best Online Public Notary Services in the USA

In the United States of America, you have often come across the need of having public notary services and other related certified USA translation services for various official and personal reasons. In this circumstance, you can get affordable and world-class services from the most dignified and reliable public notary translation service provider- ‘Global Translation Help’. This global service provider can help you with public notary services for all sorts of documents.

Moreover, the translators at Global Translation Help.Com have the best resources and expertise to provide refined translation and notary services at the best price within your budget.

Why Do You Need Notarized Translation Services in the USA?

The United States of America is one of the top places in the world where peoples from every country come here to try their luck to live the big ‘American Dream’. These peoples require public notarized translation of their documents in cases of immigration, applying for new jobs, or take admission to their dream American universities. Most of the universities and business establishments do not require notary translated documents.

Although, there are few business establishments and educational institutes that still want some translated documents to be notarized through a public notary officer.

When such kind of need arises, USA based public notary translation service providers like Global Translation Help.Com help you out with all your notarized translation needs for all your official and personal documents. This is regarded to be the best translation agency to hire the best translators who can flawlessly translate from any language into English.

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Since our startup, two decades back, we have been getting better and better only!

Which Type of Documents Require Public Notary Services?

The global translators at Global Translation Help translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, academic records, all types of education certificates, passports, medical records, affidavits, court transcripts & police records, court orders, and other personal and official documents.

Moreover, if you need notary services for all the translated documents, that too is successfully arranged by them.  The quality of the translation services provided is unmatched. Still, before committing to any translation order, it is advised to check with those organizations regarding the details of exact documents for translation and notarization to avoid any future confusion.

How Does USA Notary Services Work?

USA based public notary service providers like Global Translation Help.Com offers easy and affordable services to their clients. Moreover, whenever you need to consult their translators offline you are free to visit them in their US office.

Following are the steps to consider while approaching them:

  • Send Scanned Copies:

When you chose the online USCIS Certified Translation service process, firstly you need to send a scanned copy of the legal or official document as per your requirement. Sometimes you can even take a clear photo of your document and send them over mail.

  • Consult Them Over Online Chat or Call:

Another option of taking their service is simply by joining the live chat system.  You can consult them over chat or call, and even upload the document to get a definite quote.

  • Confirm Your Approval:

On receiving the desired quote, if you agree to process further, the translation will be done immediately. The translators here always commit to the deadline and make sure that you get your document on time. Once we complete the document translation, we send a copy to you for fact-checking including your name, date of birth, and other details. So, even if you have to make any changes, we will do it for you.

How to Calculate Cost of Public Notarization Services USA?

The translation cost is very nominal for all your documents starting at around USD 20 onwards. This cost is effective for pages containing only 200 words. However, if it is exceeding 200 words there will be a charge of USD 0.12 for every word translated.

Also, if you want notarization help along with translation you need to shell out an extra USD $20/document. Moreover, you need to be very specific regarding the language pairs for document translation and public notarization services.

What Are the Reasons to Hire Public Notary Services from Us?

There are many good reasons why you should hire public notary services from us. Some of the most trusted reasons are:

  1. Huge customer base with over 26,000+ customers.
  2. Assistance from experienced & talented professional translators and linguistic professionals.
  3. Finishing all the projects within the deadline with top-level precision.
  4. Affordable & accurate translation at best rates.

Final Thoughts

Global Translation Help is providing high-quality translation along with notary services for all types of documents. For 20 years, the USA has seen how this service provider has evolved over the years. This is the most trusted company which is very customer-centric. One can ensure by having a look at the global translation help reviews by our loyal clients and customers.

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