User Reviews

Our newborn was born in Singapore as my husband’s family is from Singapore due to lockdown because of COVID19, we have to safely land in the USA but as the birth certificate is required by the airport authority we have to translate it into English by contacting GTH the certificate was translated within 2 hours. You guys are a lifesaver

Peter Safran / Boston
Helped me in my toughest time

I’m living in the USA. My grandfather died in Thailand due to covid19, we wanted to get the death certificate urgently as we were leaving within 24 hours. My friend suggested to me GTH and the certificate that was in Thai language was converted into English within 2 hours. Thank you so much for helping me in my toughest time.

Richard Brener / Las Vegas
Could be even better!

Your services could be even better if your customer care services support will talk in a patient manner, I was stuck in the work and she wants to just sum up her work please fix this issue.

Lisa Reynolds / Boston
One Hour Translation!

I was looking for a one-hour translation for my newborn, all of the sudden mail popped out in my mailbox about a one-day translation, I quickly contacted them and I got my newborn certificate translated into Spanish.

Helena Cullinan / Las Vegas
Highly Responsible!

Due to this pandemic, we were coming to the USA, as we were stuck in China. But our medical reports were in the Chinese language, so I needed to translate these as quickly as possible, and then I found global translation help. GTH is highly responsive and it translated our medical reports within 3 days in US English..Thank you!

Hayley Atwell / Las Vegas
Connecting, Paying and Delivering!

We were planning for our vacations in the USA, but our passports were in the Chinese language, so collaborating with GTH we were four people and their experts translated it within 48 hours. I have to go through only three processes: Connecting, paying and delivery. We are lucky that we found GTH.

Jackson Spidell / New York
Great service, responsive and quick!

Great service, responsive and quick. I got my document translated the next day!

Alexander Wraith / Manchester
Swift,Informative and on the point!

We were impressed with GTH website — it is easily navigated and has a pleasant look. Speaking with this firm’s customer support team was a pleasure as well because all answers were swift, informative, and on point. Unfortunately, we found no data about their prices, so fix it.

Don Omar / Newcastle upon Tyne
100% Reliable

GTH has done several translation projects for us and the result has always been 100% accurate! I would recommend them for their reliability in terms of communication, accuracy…

Toby Jones / Chicago
Professional translation fast and affordable!

I was very pleased with the work done by the team at Translator UK as I had an urgent translation from Spanish into English that had to be done in two days! They came through and were extremely helpful. I will happily recommend them to anyone!

Caspian Feild / New York