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Global Translation Help presents fast and professional college application translation services for over 200 languages. Pay and get specialized translation of college applications and other academic certificates at cheap prices. We recognize the critical role of a flawless application in overcoming language barriers, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on admissions committees. We can translate your college application to or from any language in just 24 hours.

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College Application Translation Services

Certified College Application Translation Services

Are you a student applying to study at a foreign university? Then there’s a good chance that you may need to translate your college application into the native language where you’re applying. If so, Global Translation Help is at your service to provide you the best college application translation service at budget. You’ll therefore need to organize a certified translation of those documents as part of your application to the university.

If any of the academic documents you are submitting are not in the native language, the original should be translated by an expert translator with full certification. Therefore, hire a native college application translator who can translate your college application with accuracy and precision. Above all, our College application translation services are the best in this translation industry.

Our expert translators of college applications are therefore capable of providing you with high-quality document translation services at a very cheap cost. Here, we offer academic translation services at competitive prices for 200+ languages. Moreover, our network of experienced translators specializes in a wide range of industries. For instance, academic, legal, business, technical, and many more. So, contact us for all your translation requirements at all educational levels and in all academic subjects.

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Since our startup, two decades back, we have been getting better and better only!

College Application Translation in Over 200+ Languages

Pay to translate your college application within 24 hours with 449+ professional language experts working over 200 languages. Moreover, we provide high-quality translation services with our zero error policy. That is to say, we first perform automated checks and editing and proofreading of all our documents before delivery. Further, these university application translation services we offer are fast and accurate translations. Below are a few of the many languages we provide translations in: 

Arabic  Bulgarian Chinese Dutch
Estonian French Greek Hebrew
Indonesian Japanese Korean Latvian

and many more. We promise to meet your deadline, and will normally return your certified translation before that. Moreover, our experts can provide translations of all your academic certificates like for example, transfer certificate, etc. for your college application.

Certified Translators for All Documents

A certified translation verifies and authorizes a record. In fact, many legal and official bodies demand certified translations. To clarify certified translations ensure that the original document is compared with the true copy and it’s accurate. We follow the strictest standards for certification. The ATA certified translator attests to the precision of all degree translation services. Also, every page of your translation is sealed to reduce the possibility of fraud.

Therefore, we are prominent documents translation agency with multi linguists who offers translation to all kinds of documents including

Quality College App Translations at Affordable Rates

We’re a professional translation agency and a Member of the ISO. Our translations are fully accredited and recognized for their quality and on-time deliveries. You may therefore validate our reliability by checking out the customer reviews on our website. Once you receive your certified college application translation from us, we guarantee that it will be accepted at every educational body throughout the world.

Our main focus is client satisfaction and our native linguists do nothing to hamper it. All you have to do is ask us to ‘translate my college application‘ and state all your requirements. The expert translators are keen to follow the guidelines laid down by the university and by you. To clarify, all the translations of university applications we present will be done according to your requirements ensuring all your needs are met.

Although translation rates per word are the most ordinary method, it is significant to consider when to use different methods. We will not loot your pockets or charge high rates. Our expert translators will provide you with the highest quality of same day translation at the lowest prices.