Some Easy Ways to Get an USA Green Card


Have you ever wondered if getting settled in the US? Then, you might have heard about the green card; in simple words, it is usually a way to get permanent residence in the US. Immigrants having a green card can comfortably work in the USA without any foundation.

However, several candidates come from Asian countries, and their preferred language is different from the USA as they can easily get the certified agency USA that will make their work easier.

With the arrival of several companies for document translation services, the USA had made the work easier for those looking to apply for the green card USA. However, the duration of the immigration process is too long and hectic. Now by considering some of the easiest ways, you can easily get a green card.

How to get Green Card in USA

Apply USA Green card through family

It is one of the most popular ways of getting a green card in the USA. If you have a close relationship with your U.S. citizen or any green cardholder, you can apply for a green card. The easiest way to obtain a permanent residency in the USA.

  • This is the fastest way to get a green card if you have a close relationship with a US citizen. It is liable for unmarried children less than 21 years of age, parents over 21 years of age, and petition spouses. In order to do this, US citizens should officially establish a relationship with the USCIS form I-130 petition for Alien relatives.

Accompanied by the application form I-485, i.e. Adjustment of status. In several cases, both the applications might be completed together. Those close US relative who is present out of the US has to undergo consular processing that means that the applications are certified by the US department of state.

After the US institution provides them with the visa card, also they will become green cardholders once they visit the United States. The United States citizens also get liable to sponsor their married children more than 21 years of age and their siblings. Moreover, this process might take a long time as they are not a close relative of the US citizen and green cardholder.

  • Even if your close relative or family member is a green cardholder, no doubt the procedure will be the same; but still, it may take a longer time.
  • And if you are married and are over 21 years of age, then things might change. According to the immigration laws set by the US immigration department, your green card process may take a longer time through US citizen relatives.
  • Apart from this, there are also a few other circumstances through which you can get a green card, but they are not usually common. Some of these circumstances such as widow or widower, spouse or child of a US citizen, or the children of the foreign diplomat that take birth in the US.  If you come under this category, you will have to file USCIS Form I-360 Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant.

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Get USA Green card through employment

This method of applying for a green card is not limited to just the employer. However, it also involves investment or having specialized job opportunities to get the green card. This way has attracted several people to apply for the green card. However, due to language issues, mainly individuals get stuck, as most Asian immigrants need to translate green card documents into their language. They can refer to the immigration document translation service provider who can make their work easier.

The employer who is offering you the job offer should be part of the green card petition if you have obtained a job offer for permanent employment in the United States. The first step for your employer to receive a labor certification with the US institution of the state is to fill out the USCIS Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for an Alien Worker.

And for the investors who have invested enough amount of money in any of the US businesses gets liable to get the green card. Those entrepreneurs who have invested $1,000,000 into the newly started business or up to $500,000 to the targeted employment sector can easily apply for the green card.

The business in which you have invested the money should create job opportunities for at least 10 permanent jobs within the boundaries of the United States. For getting the green card through the investment, you will have to fill out the Form I-526 Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur.

Moreover, you get the green card if you come under the unique job category that includes Afghan or Iraqi translators who worked for the US government or have also been members of the armed forces.

Being a refugee or asylee Getting your USA Green Card

Immigrants admitted to the United States as a refugee or an asylee can apply for the green card, only eligible for those living in the country for one year.
Refugees get eligible to register for the green card application after being in the country for a year.

Also, refugees or asylees do not require to file any immigration petition like I-130 or I-140 with the USCIS only if they have complete the requirement to apply for the green card.

The green card application process for USA

Some of the steps that you should take into consideration while applying for a green card. The situation varies from person to person. Though here are some of the usual steps which almost every applicant has to follow:

  • Someone might file an immigrant’s petition on your behalf (it often happens when someone is sponsoring you). Moreover, there is still some condition in which you get eligible to file yourself.
  • Once USCIS approves your immigration petition and gets a visa in your preferred category, you may get the option to either file a Green Card application with USCIS or a visa application through the US department of state.
  • You have an undergo a biometric appointment to provide a signature, photos, and fingerprints.
  • You have to undergo an interview.
  • You get a final decision regarding your application.

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