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Immigrant US Visa vs. Non-Immigrant US Visa

Difference between Immigrant and Non-immigrant US visas United States is one of the most popular countries that have attracted most people to arrive in the US as visitors or permanent residents (with the motive to work and live). For that, you will need to apply either for an immigrant or Non-immigrant US visa, depending on …

Immigration|| May 28, 2021

Apply for Immigrant Visa USCIS

Immigrant Visa Application Process If you are looking to visit the United States for a short time or looking to get completely settled in the US. Then you will require applying for visas. Visas are much like a stamp in the resident’s passport that allows you to travel and live in different countries. The same …

Immigration|| May 28, 2021

Documents Required for Marriage Green Card in the USA

US citizens and permanent residents when decided to sponsor their spouse for a marriage-based green card. They will have to several documents to the US government with their application.

Immigration|| May 21, 2021

Marriage Green Card

If you are married and you with your partners, plan to settle and start working in the United States. Then it’s not like a simple or ordinary task. You will need to apply for a marriage green card. There are several people who didn’t know about the marriage green card. 

Immigration|| May 18, 2021

Request for Evidence (RFE) USCIS

After preparing all your documents and get translated your immigration documents into English. When to proceed to mail the documents to the given address for your visa. You always expect a positive response as you know that the immigration process is a quiet time taking process.

Immigration|| May 18, 2021

Some Easy Ways to Get an USA Green Card

Have you ever wondered if getting settled in the US? Then, you might have heard about the green card; in simple words, it is usually a way to get permanent residence in the US. Immigrants having a green card can comfortably work in the USA without any foundation.

Immigration|| May 17, 2021