Do I need to translate the Malaysia birth certificate for PR application?


Are you a Malaysian and wish to acquire the Permanent Residentship of the USA? but you are confused either to get your Birth certificate translated or not and if yes then in which language? And by which procedure?
Then you are on the right page as this article will clear all your doubts about your constant question i.e. ” Do I need to translate the Malaysian Birth Certificate for PR application USA?”

Do I need to translate the Malaysia birth certificate for PR application

The answer to this question is YES.

If you live in Malaysia and desire to migrate to the USA but your birth certificate is in the native language of Malaysia then you need Malay to English translation before applying for PR.

Translation of Birth Certificates of Malaysians for PR of USA – The Process To Begin with

If you live in Malaysia then in the process of applying for a PR  of USA you have to navigate to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority USA’s website that enlists the various categories for people of Malaysia who can apply for a PR of USA. You can attain a permanent Residentship in the USA if you fall into the categories mentioned as follows:

  1. Spouse of a USA Citizen(SC) or PR, or child of an SC or PR who is unmarried and aged under 21
  2.  Aged parent of an SC
  3. Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass
  4.  Student studying in the USA

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Preferred Language by USCIS for a Birth certificate for providing PR of USA to Malaysian citizens?

People of Malaysia who aspire to be permanent residents of the USA have to submit their translated Birth Certificates precisely in English which means that if you are a resident of Malaysia and possess your Birth Certificate in the Malay language then that needs to be translated in English language before submission. Also, the birth certificate must be duly issued, signed, and sealed by the proper authorities.

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Who Translates the Malaysian Birth Certificates into the English Language?

The next question that pesters the mind is from where can a Malaysian resident get his/her Birth Certificate translated into English?

The answer to this is several professional translators can provide Certified translation. The translator must sign a document assuring the translation is an accurate replica of the original document, and the translation is certified. Only a Certified professional translator can translate a Birth Certificate and not a notary because in countries like the USA the powers of translation of documents in more than two languages are given to professional translators who are certified and those of a notary are not considered for the PR application.

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What procedure needs to be followed for Translation?

To understand the procedure of the translation companies you just need to invite quotations from a few renowned translators. After having a thorough idea of their work and stamping that they provide on documents you can submit your documents to them and once they are done with translating your documents you can comfortably pay them online for their work and they will provide you the copies of your documents.

What other documents are required for PR application submission?

For the categories enlisted above the USCIS  has mentioned a list of documents on their website which includes birth certificate, identity card, marriage certificate, work pass, passport, etc.


To conclude it is quite evident that the Malaysian aspirants for PR of the USA have to get their birth certificate translated into English before applying for a PR application. The translation has to be mandatorily performed by a professional translator who is a Certified name in this domain.

So after reading this article you might have got the gist of the entire procedure of getting your birth certificate translated into the English language before submission for PR USA. Once you complete all the formalities and attestations in a legalized and certified manner, nothing can hold you back from getting permanent citizenship USA!