Form DS-157 – For Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa Application


What Is The Form DS-157?

Form DS-157 is the supplemental nonimmigrant visa application form to replace the old Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-156. The DS-157 is a supplemental nonimmigrant visa application form that you can file with your original nonimmigrant visa application.

The Form DS-157 must be completed before you apply for your visa at the U.S Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Form DS-157 is the new form that will be used for applicants who apply for a nonimmigrant visa abroad. The old form, commonly known as the DS-156 is only available in limited locations and can no longer be used by most applicants.

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Who Needs DS-157?

The DS-157 form is for Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa application. This is applicable for all men between 16 and 45 years of age from any country, but there are special exemptions in place if you happen to be a citizen of one of the following 4 states that have been designated as sponsors of terrorism: Sudan, Iran, Cuba, and Syria. Men from these countries need to fill this form out should they be over 16 years old when applying for their visa – no upper limit exemption applies here!

The DS-157 form can only apply to nonimmigrants who wish to come into the United States temporarily with petitions approved by various US government agencies (most notably those within Homeland Security).

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How to fill out the DS-157 form?

It is the responsibility of the applicant (or agent) to fill out all sections of the DS-157 form. The ‘Applicant’ section must be filled in completely with proper details and signature before handing this off to a qualified representative for processing. Not having this signed correctly can result in your application being returned!

The DS-157 form is used for international passengers with no criminal record, and with a low risk of being a terrorist. You need to fill in the following information in the Form DS-157:

  • Full Name – Last name and first name according to government-issued id such as voters registration, drivers license
  • The clan or tribe name
  • Other name/aliases
  • Date of Birth – The DOB Formate is MM/DD/YYYY
  • Place of Birth – Describe in the order city, State/province, and country
  • Passport Number
  • National Identity Number
  • Self Declaration – Make sure you’ve filled them out correctly.
  • Names and Date of Birth for your children (under age of 21)
  • Give the details of every country where you’ve ever had a passport issued to you. This category includes any country where you are not a resident.
  • Give the details of your previous five employers, including your current employer
  • The very important question of this form is: Have you ever applied for Chief of Mission Approval? If YES, please provide the case number(s) of the application(s).

You need to fill in all the details correctly and submit the form.

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Form DS-157 is a supplemental form used by individuals who are seeking to apply for an additional nonimmigrant visa. It can be submitted in conjunction with the application for another type of U.S. Visa, or as an independent request when applying at a consular post outside of the United States.

The information collected on this form will help determine whether you qualify for the requested visa and if it should be granted under certain circumstances such as if you are eligible to receive more than one visa status at any given time or not.

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