What is Embassy? What are its Role and Responsibilities?


In this article, we will talk about the Embassy?.  What are its roles and responsibilities?”? Basically, the Embassy has a remarkable role to play in the host state.

It is the body of official representatives of a country that resides in a foreign country. That is to say, the embassy of the sending countries position in host countries.

Who is the Ambassador in the Embassy?

The “ambassador” of the sending country is the main official representative of the Embassy. Hence, the Embassy is home to the Ambassador. In fact, it is also the headquarters of the ambassador, who is the chief representative of one country in another.

Also, all kinds of political, economic,trade-related, diplomatic, and social decisions are taken under the supervision of the Ambassador.

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What are the roles and responsibilities of the Embassy?

Furthermore, the Embassy of the country is crucial in specifically shielding the political, economic, social, and commercial interests of the representative nation. Briefly, the major roles and responsibilities of the Embassy are as follows:


The Embassy authorities are the torchbearers, as, they represent their own country in the meetings, seminars, and discussions taking place in the host country.

Protect Relations:

Embassies and its officials are the vitals in safeguarding and protecting the relations between the host country and the country to which the Embassy belongs.

Solving Political Tensions:

Another role and responsibility of the Embassy are solving the political tensions. The members of the Embassy come into action immediately, as and when there is a political tension building up among the two nations. Moreover, Embassy officials try and put their best foot forward in resolving the problems and maintaining peace.


Here, the authorities handle economic situations such as tax, tariffs, and trade-related issues and generate and send the reports for the same to their home government.

Additionally, the roles and responsibilities of the Embassy also include political and economic cooperation, trade, and investment. Also, cultural interaction, press and media association, multilateral contacts, providing consular services, all are taken care of by Embassy.

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What is the Role of the Embassy in Foreign Policy?

Diplomatic methods play an instrumental role in foreign policy, and hence, represent broader goals and strategies. Further, it also guides a state’s interactions across the globe. Consequently, International manifestations of foreign policy are resultant of diplomatic negotiations and processes. Also, since an Embassy beholds diplomacy as the key, so it has an important role to play.

How does the Embassy assist National in Foreign Countries?

One of the major roles of the Embassy is to assist their nationals who go to other foreign countries. Also, if you are applying for a visa, you need to reach out to the Embassy of that country in your own nation for Visa application.

Not only this, if you travel to say suppose Singapore for example. Now, you have to apply for its PR, you will be needing help from the Embassy. Therefore, keeping all this in mind let us summarize what the Embassy does for people.

 Role of Embassy in Issuing Visa:

  • Embassy’s issue visas to the citizen of the foreign country who wish to travel to the country, to which the Embassy belongs.
  • The embassy can refuse or reject visas provided visa application lacks the necessary information.
  • In fact, foreigners who are given travel visas take it along with a passport, and travel documents are given by their country of citizenship.

Role of Embassy in getting PR application:

  • If you are applying for the PR application of a country, then also, the Embassy has a significant role to play.
  • For example, if you apply for the PR of Singapore, there is a list of documents for the PR application of Singapore, that you have to submit.
  • Those documents for example birth certificate, driving license must be in the English language if not already. Now, for translation services you have to refer to some certified translators like Global Translation Help.
  • But, the point here is some of the translated documents have to be attested by the Embassy of your country of citizenship.
  • Thus, on certain translated documents authorization of the Embassy is crucial.

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In the nutshell, the roles and responsibilities of an Embassy speak about its worth. Also, the Embassy is a tirelessly working body. To summarize, it aims to establish the value and good image of their own country overseas.