Can I use Malaysian Driving License in USA?


Are you are Malaysian, currently residing in the USA? If you are willing to begin driving in the USA then you must have wondered ” Can I use a Malaysian Driving License in the USA?”. The answer is, YES. Of course, you can use a Malaysian Driving License(D.L.).

Having said that, only consent is not enough. Much more depends upon the reason for which you are in The USA, that is to say, whether you are a tourist or one with a work pass, etc. . Consequently, for different Malaysians, to drive in The USA, rules, and regulations for using Malaysian D.L. differ.

You can use a Malaysian driving license in USA if:

  • You are a Malaysian tourist, on a short visit: you can use your driving license as it is, up to 12 months, each time you visit The USA.
  • Are you 18 years of age or above and on a work pass, student pass, or dependent pass to the USA, you can drive in the USA provided you have a valid D.L?
  • On the other hand, if you have stayed in the USA for more than a span of 12 months, certainly, you need to get your Malaysian Driving License Translated.
  • To add to this, if your native Driving License is not in English you will need the following with your original driving license:

1)An International Driving Permit (IDP).

2) An official English Translation of your Malaysian D.L.

However, an important catch here is, there are 10 ASEAN countries which accept Malaysian driving certificate. without IDP. Those 10 countries are Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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Translating Malaysian Driving License into English

For an official English Translation of your Malaysian Driving License, you need to refer to some certified Driving license translation services. Moreover, the cost of Conversion of a Malaysian Driving License into English is minimal. In fact, you can reach out to Global Translation services for the translation of your driving license. They provide accurate and certified translations without burning your pocket.

How can Permanent Residents of the USA access driving?

  • Once you acquire USA PR, you must get your Malaysian driving license translated. The time limit for that is within 3 months. You may consult Global Translation Help for the same.
  • Now, if you have lived in The USA for 12 months, then, apply for a new license local to the USA
  • Precisely, the translated driving license is issued for 5 months.

If you are a newly acclaimed USA Citizen, then the fresh driving license that is issued to you has a validity of a lifetime.

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process of Converting Malaysian Driving License in the USA:

If you have a Malaysian driving license who has settled in the USA with new USA citizenship, then you must convert your Malaysian driving license within 3 months of becoming an SC.

Steps to be followed:

  • Pass the Basic Theory Test:

-Create your account with a Registered USA Driving License center.

-Apply for the Basic Theory Test and pass it.

A point to note is that the results of your Malaysian Basic theory test will not work here.

  • Apply for Conversion of DL:

– At the traffic police test center apply for conversion.

-The necessary documents you need for conversion are original and photocopy of your passport, entry permit of employment, dependent pass, visit pass, etc.

-You must take the original Malaysian driving license along with its photocopy.

-Moreover, you must also take a proper and recent matte passport size color photograph of yourself with a white background. You are also required to pay a processing fee of $50 by cash, card, or net banking.

Who Cannot get a Malaysian Driving License translated?

-Licenses for heavy vehicles: The applicants who wish to drive heavy vehicles in the USA must enroll in driving school and pass the driving tests. This test determines if you are allowed to drive heavy vehicles in the USA.

-Your bike driving license and its translated copies are certainly not going to work in USA. As a result, you must pass the driving test.


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Now, Malaysians can easily live their dream of driving on the roads of the USA. All you need to take care of is the above-mentioned rules on the driving license. In fact, in all the possible circumstances, you need a translated driving license, or, apply for a USA driving license. For translation services, you can without any two ways consult the USA Translation Company.