Common Immigration and Naturalization Forms and Fees


If you are applying for a green card or citizenship in the U.S., there are certain forms that need to be completed and questions answered beforehand, so it’s important to know what they entail before starting your application process.

If one is considering living permanently within America as either an immigrant with a marriage green card OR looking into the immigration of any kind (citizenship), then he/she will have some thorough paperwork on their hands which may vary depending on whether they wish to gain residency via marriage or through blood relation.

There are free immigration forms available for download from the USCIS website. However, if you’re applying outside of the United States some forms will be only accessible through the Department of State online portal.

While immigration forms are available for free, you’ll often have to pay a processing fee. The fees vary depending on the situation and can be waived in some cases such as when filing an asylum claim or if your application is being processed at a consular office outside of the U.S., but it’s best not to take chances with that!

We are here going to discuss some common but important immigration forms and fees.

Common Green Card Forms and Fees

Following are some common green card forms including their use and fees:

  1. Form DS-260 (Online Immigrant Visa Application)
  • Use: Apply for a green card from outside the United States
  • Fees: $325
  1. Form DS-261 (Choose Address and Agent Online)
  • Use: If you are applying for a green card from outside the United States, please tell the State Department how to contact you (through a procedure called “consular processing”)
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-129F (foreign fiance application)
  • Use: Apply for a K-1 visa to bring your fiance (wife) (and their children, if any) to the U.S. to marry you OR
  • Apply for a K-3 visa and bring your spouse (and their children, if any) to the United States to apply for legal permanent residency (green card).
  • Fees: $535
  1. Form I-130 (Application for Family Sponsorship)
  • Use: Proving the existence of a valid family link between a sponsoring relative (a US citizen or a green card holder) and the relative seeking a green card.
  • Fees: $535
  1. Form I-130A (Supplementary Information Form)
  • Use: Completing Form I-130 includes details on the spouse seeking a green card, such as employment, family, and residence history
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-131 (application for travel permit/”advance parole” document)
  • Use: When processing your green card application, you can apply for authorization to travel outside the United States
  • Fees: $0 (if you’ve paid the filing fee for Form I-485; otherwise, $105–$575)

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  1. Form I-485 (Green Card Application)
  • Use: Apply for a green card in the U.S. (referred to as “Adjustment of Status”)
  • Fees: $1,140 (plus $85 biometrics fee)
  1. Form I-693 (physical examination report and vaccination record)
  • Use: Record the results of the medical examination required for the green card
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-751 (Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence)
  • Use: Upgrade a conditional green card that expires in two years to a 10-year “permanent” green card
  • Fees: $595 (plus $85 biometrics fee)
  1. Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization Document)
  • Use: Request to work legally in the U.S. while your green card application is pending
  • Fees: $0 (if you’ve already paid the filing fee for Form I-485; otherwise, $410)
  1. Form I-864 (Financial Support Form)
  • Use: Prove that the sponsoring relative (US citizen or green card holder) or joint guarantor meets the income needed to support relatives seeking green cards in the United States
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-864A (Contract between Sponsor and Family Member
  • Use: Commit to providing your income and/or assets to help sponsor relatives to meet the income needed by relatives seeking green cards in the United States
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-90 (Application to Replace Green Card)
  • Use: Apply for renewal or replacement of green cards that have expired or are about to expire, are lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Fees: $455 (plus $85 biometrics fee)

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Common Citizenship Forms and Fees

Following are some citizenship forms including fees:

  1. Form DS-117 (Application for Confirmation of Return to Resident Status)
  • Use: Apply for a return resident visa to re-enter the U.S. after leaving the U.S. for 1 year or more because you did not apply for a re-entry permit before leaving the U.S.
  • Fees: $180
  1. Form G-28 (Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney)
  • Use: After your naturalization application (Form N-400) is rejected, let USCIS know that the lawyer (or other legal practitioners) will represent you at the hearing you request
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-131 (Application for Travel Permit/”Advance Parole” Document)
  • Use: If you expect to need to travel and stay outside the U.S. for at least 1 year, apply for permission to re-enter the U.S.
  • Fees: $575 (plus $85 biometrics fee if age 14–79)
  1. Form N-336 (Application for a hearing regarding the decision on naturalization procedures)
  • Use: Request the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to hold a hearing to reconsider its decision to reject the application for naturalization (Form N-400)
  • Fees: $700

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  1. Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization)
  • Use: Apply for U.S. citizenship after meeting the eligibility requirements (through a process called “naturalization”)
  • Fees: $395 (plus $85 biometrics fee)
  1. Form N-426
  • Use: Request military service records for green card holders seeking U.S. citizenship
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form N-470 (Application for Preservation of Residence for Naturalization Purposes)
  • Use: If the green card holder must travel outside the U.S. for 1 year or more due to work, it is required to maintain the lawful permanent resident status of the green card holder
  • Fees: $355
  1. Form N-565 (Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document)
  • Use: Request replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged naturalization or citizenship certificates
  • Fees: $555 ($0 if requesting a replacement because of an error made by USCIS)
  1. Form N-600 (Application for Certificate of Citizenship)
  • Use: Apply for a new proof of your status as a U.S. citizen after completing the naturalization process
  • Fees: $1,170 ($0 for members and veterans of the U.S. military)
  1. Form N-600K (Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322)
  • Use: Apply for U.S. citizenship for a child who lives outside the U.S. and has at least one U.S. citizen parent
  • Fees: $1,170
  1. Form N-648 (Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions)
  • Use: Exceptions to English and citizenship test requirements for naturalization applications based on physical or developmental or mental disabilities
  • Fees: $0

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Other Forms You Might Need and Their Fees

Some other common forms are as follows:

  1. Form AR-11 (Change of Address Form)
  • Use: Let USCIS know about your change of address
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form G-1145 (Request for Electronic Notification)
  • Use: Request notification via email or SMS that USCIS has accepted your form
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form G-1450 (Credit Card Payment Authorization Form)
  • Use: Requesting to pay filing fees with a credit card
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-865 (Sponsor’s Notice of Change of Address)
  • Use: Let USCIS know about a change to your address
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-942 (Request for Reduced Fee)
  • Use: If your family income is between 150% and 200% of the federal poverty level, apply for a reduction in application fees
  • Fees: $0
  1. Form I-912 (Request for Fee Waiver)
  • Use: Request a waiver of application fees due to your low income
  • Fees: $0

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