8 Different Types of Translation


Translation is the process of converting information from one language into another. We might require translation services in various walks of life. This writing handout clearly explains what is the type of translations and it’s usability.

8 Types of Translation

Different people classify translation differently. Here, we are discussing with you eight major type of translations that can be widely classified into:

  • General Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Commercial Translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Administrative Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Judicial Translation

Before comprehending the different types of translation firstly, let us answer the question ” Why do we need Translation?”

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Need for a different type of translations:

Translation Services have managed to acquire a significant position in the business world. Also, translation has a vital role to play in healthcare, judicial conversions, immigration, finance, administration, etc. However, one of the most demanding areas which require translation of documents is the immigration services. Consequently, this entails a multilingual translation.

Depending upon your translation project you can go with the following type of translations accordingly.

Classification of Translation Services

Let us grasp the thorough knowledge of each of the above-mentioned translations. We will also be focusing on the areas where these translations are used.

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General Translation Service

  • It is the simplest of all types of translation.
  • This type of translation involves a usual format of interpretation.
  • Moreover, the translator need not follow any rules or abide by any methods to translate the information.

Legal Translation Service

  • This type of translation is somewhat complex and governed by translation rules.
  • In fact, for performing legal translation the translator must be well aware of both the source and the target requirements.
  • Briefly, it includes transcribing legal documents, summons, warrants, registration certificates, etc.
  • While performing legal translation if the translator commits errors or lacks in apprehending the intent of translation, he might call for trouble.

Commercial Translation Service

  • Generally, commercial translation refers to business translation.
  • This translation involves the conversion of business documents, tenders, reports, etc.
  • The translator in this scenario should be well aware of the business terms and language.

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Literary Translation Service

  • This type of translation deals with interpreting literary works such as poems, novels, stories, plays.
  • Some people may consider this translation as the strenuous of all.
  • The reason being, the translator must subsume the emotions, feelings of the writer and should be well versed in handling such pieces.

Financial Translation Service

  • As the name suggests, financial translation involves the translation of income-related reports.
  • In fact, this translation is known as economic translation.
  • It involves translating economic reports, financial documents, stock exchange reports, etc.

Administrative Translation Service

  • Is the translation of managerial documents.
  • This is used by both large business organizations and small companies
  • Furthermore, it is sometimes mistaken with commercial translation.
  • Although, administrative translation is a subset of commercial translation.

Technical Translation Service

  • Refers to the translation of user manuals, guides, booklets, marketing information.
  • In fact, technical Translation is an arduous job.
  • Moreover, one must take assistance from the translation service provider.
  • Consequently, If one commits mistakes in technical translation, blunder can happen.

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Judicial Translation Service

  • The translation was undertaken in court procedures.
  • Refers to translating depositions, minutes of the meeting, testimonies, expert opinions, letters, interviews of witnesses, etc.
  • Basically, it means converting activities related to judgment.

Briefly, now you can use any of the above translations depending upon your translation work projects. Also, if machine translation is used for the interpretation of information then the computer tends to ignore the feelings and intent of your project. Therefore, one should prefer using human translation.


To summarize, types of translation include legal, administrative, financial, literary, general, commercial, judicial, technical translations. You can interpret your project for any of the matters accordingly. Also, you can reach out to GlobalTranslationHelp.com for human translations.

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