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Apply H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker USA

Guide to H-2A work visa USA H-2A is the second type of non-immigrant US work visa that is mainly for two types of workers: Temporary agricultural workers with the H-2A visa Temporary non-agricultural workers with the H-2B visa

Green Card USCIS|| July 9, 2021

Work Visa USA Guide (How to apply, what are types, requirement, process, time, cost, rejection, documents, eligibility)

Everything About US work visa Apart from all the tourist or visitor passes, if you (foreigner) are willing to work in the United States, then they should definitely start making plans to apply for the US work visa. This US visa grants the foreign workers to immigrate and start working in a US-based company. No …

Green Card USCIS|| July 6, 2021

K-3 Spouse Visa USA guide

Everything About K3 spouse visa Are you a US citizen legally married to a foreign national residing outside the United States? Now willing to invite your foreign national spouse to join you in the United States? Then this can be done by applying for the K3 spouse visa. Instead of waiting for your permanent resident …

Green Card USCIS|| June 26, 2021

Know Everything About (A No ) or Alien Registration Number

People planning to move to the US permanently from their home country are allotted nine-digit numbers by the USCIS. These numbers are known as alien registration numbers. It is usually present in a petition and forms filed with the USCIS. USCIS uses these numbers as an identification number for the people who are presently not …

Green Card USCIS|| June 26, 2021

Advance Parole – How to Travel Abroad While Waiting for Your Green Card?

What Should You Know About Advance Parole to Travel Abroad? Every green card applicant must be aware that green card application takes longer to get processed. Waiting time for the green card based on the USCIS service center processing your application. During these waiting times, if any emergencies arise and the applicant has to visit …

Green Card USCIS|| June 26, 2021

 Public Charge Rule for U.S. Visa Applicants

Comprehensive guide to public charge rule The public charge rule is an important part of the immigration application which is essential for every application to pass the public charge test to start living in the United States. USCIS rejects those applicants to visit United States who are more likely to get dependent on the US …

Green Card USCIS|| June 22, 2021

DS-260 and DS-261 Form-Complete Guide

Complete Guide to DS-260 and DS-261 Forms If you are not in the United States but are willing to apply for the green card, you can also apply for a green card from abroad. If you are in an abroad country, you can apply for a green card through consular processing, and you can attend …

Green Card USCIS|| June 21, 2021

Manufacturing Business Translation Guide

All about manufacturing business documents translation In the manufacturing business, translation plays an important role because manufacturing is that type of industry where all the workers work together to form a product. If the stockholder doesn’t understand each other’s demands due to communication barriers, it might increase the number of problems in the entire manufacturing …

Green Card USCIS|| June 19, 2021

ARDMS Certification Guide

Comprehensive guide to ARDMS certification Though ARDMS certification is not required for employment, but several diagnostic medical sonographers prefer the ultrasound certification. Moreover, in the future, several territories might ask all the sonographers to hold the licensure.

Green Card USCIS|| June 18, 2021

How to change visitor visa status to marriage green card?

Several immigrants who visit the United States as a visitor but after visiting most people choose their life partner there and then think to start living in the United States with their spouse. In such a condition, they will require to adjust their visitor visa to a marriage green card. To get further details of …

Green Card USCIS|| June 18, 2021
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