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How to Get a K-1 Fiancé Visa

Step by step guide to the K-1 Fiancé visa Are you looking to get married to your fiancé, but he or she is living in the United States and because your fiancé cannot come to your country. Then, don’t worry by applying for the K-1 nonimmigrant visa pass; you can marry your fiancé by visiting …

Green Card USCIS|| June 4, 2021

What Is a Receipt Number, and Where Can I Find My Receipt Number for USCIS

Things that Every Applicant Should Know About USCIS Receipt Number No doubt there several people immigrating to the United States and out of them there are also several immigrants who do not have enough details about the USCIS receipt number.

Green Card USCIS|| June 3, 2021

How to Apply for Us Citizenship by Naturalization

Essential steps involved in applying for US citizenship by naturalization Are you a green card holder and got frustrated from renewing the green card every year? Then applying for US citizenship through naturalization is the thing you need. To get more details about Citizenship by Naturalization. Keep on reading.

Green Card USCIS|| June 1, 2021

Apply for Non-immigrant visa USCIS

Must know things about the non-immigrant visa There are several people who have a dream to visit the United States at least once in a lifetime, but it’s not easy to visit the United States you will require to follow some procedures. If you are willing to visit the United States for a short period …

Green Card USCIS|| May 28, 2021

Things You Should Know About Green Card

 The USA is a country that offers a plenty of opportunities to immigrants for settling down and working. Moreover, the amazing economic well-being of the USA attracts individuals from worldwide, be it Immigrants or Visitors. Those individuals willing to immigrate to a country like the United States should have to go through the basic requirements. …

Green Card USCIS|| May 15, 2021

Translation Need in Green Card Application

The significance of green cards is taking rise after mass immigration of foreigners in the US. A green card is permission that allows you to be a permanent resident in the US at least for 10 years. You can live and work in the US around this period. However, yes, first you need to translate …

Green Card USCIS|| January 25, 2021

How Do I Check My USCISTranslation?

Nowadays most of the businesses in the USA heavily depend upon translation. Translating documents in the USA for business purposes is useful for gaining new customers outside the USA. It also helps them to attract foreign investor’s funds. It also helps in promoting brands worldwide to target customers’ own native language.

Green Card USCIS|| January 2, 2021