How Do I Check My USCISTranslation?


Nowadays most of the businesses in the USA heavily depend upon translation. Translating documents in the USA for business purposes is useful for gaining new customers outside the USA. It also helps them to attract foreign investor’s funds. It also helps in promoting brands worldwide to target customers’ own native language.

The translation is important in every sector like education, travel, immigration, etc. However, it is quite tricky to check the quality of the translation. Most of you may have a question lingering in your mind “How do I check my translation?”.

So, here let us discuss various ways to check the quality and accuracy of the translation.

Checking Quality of Translation for USCIS

Checking translation quality is very important because you cannot bear to lose the trust of the target audience. There are many ways you can check the quality of translation. You can check yourself by copying the entire translated text and paste it on Google Translate. Then you can select the target language and check it yourself. However, this type of translation is only for the basic understanding of the translated text. If you need an advanced level of checking and evaluating translation quality, depend upon translation software.

One of the most popular translation software is Microsoft Translator. It enables you to have the translation of speech and text. This software is best for downloading AI-powered language packs that you can use offline. There are also some of the best translation software which is good for PC use. These are called Computer Assisted Translation software such as Lokalise, Phrase, Smartcat, SDL Trados Studio, etc.

Another way of checking your translation is absolutely free of cost. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is a native speaker of that language then yourself to be lucky. For example, you are translating your English text into Chinese text. You also need to check the accuracy of the translated Chinese text. If you know some native Chinese speaker whom you can trust, take help from them. If you take help from your native Chinese friend, they will review the translated document to see if the phrasing is accurate or not. If you are still not getting enough confidence in the above checking of translation quality, take help from a reputed ATA certified & official translation agency

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Best Ways to Check Translation Quality by Own

Here are the best ways to check and verify translation quality and its accuracy. These are:

  • Check Yourself Via Machine Translator

You can spot check the document yourself by machine translator. Some of the popular machine translators are Google Translate or DeepL. They can check the translation word to word. However, machine translation has its own limitations. Sometimes the translation result is not always accurate or proficient. Checking your document by machine translator is however good for basic uses.

  • Do In- House Checks & Back Translation

You can also do in-house checking and back translation to see if the translation is right. Your organization surely has a team of in-house language experts. They can review your document translation to check the quality. They will also make edits if it is required. You can also do back translation where you can translate the source language into the target language and again translate the target language back to the source language. In this manner, you can check it yourself.

  • Take Second Advice from Reputed Translation Companies

It sometimes happens that you are not satisfied with checking the document translation by yourself. Moreover, you cannot check legal and official documents all by yourself.  In this issue, you can go for checking legal documents translation in any language through any reputed translation companies in the USA. Here, native language experts and professional translators will evaluate your translated documents for checking any loopholes or inaccurate translations.


If you don’t want to spend money to check the translation, machine translation software and Google Translate will help you in an economical way. Moreover, you can search online regarding other free translation software. Therefore, these are the tips that can help you to check the translation quality of a specific document. So, check translation in a hassle-free manner.

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