Translation Need in Green Card Application


The significance of green cards is taking rise after mass immigration of foreigners in the US. A green card is permission that allows you to be a permanent resident in the US at least for 10 years. You can live and work in the US around this period. However, yes, first you need to translate your documents to be a permanent resident. Those who are living in the US on other classes of visas are eligible to apply for green card applications.

Immigrants who pursue for green card applications need all the authentic documents translated into English.

So, are you seeking translation services for a green card?

Certified translation services provide the finest translation of documents required for a green card (permanent resident).

Apart from, the importance of certified translation, let’s take a glimpse of the features and eligibility of green cards first.

Advantages of Green Card in USA

Green Card offer many features which put you in supremacy compared to others who don’t have it. Thus, considering the advantages of the green card makes your willingness stronger to eventually apply for it.

  1. A Green card grants you certain rights and accountability.
  2. The Green card offers you official immigration status.
  3. Green card holders can get some health, educational & other benefits.
  4. Green card holders can also do many US government jobs.
  5. Green card holders can further file for neutralization to get citizenship of US.
  6. Green card holders can sponsor his/her foreign spouse or relatives for the green card. However, USCIS puts immigrant relatives in a waiting list because of the limitation of the green cards.

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Determine Eligibility for Permanent Resident Card

The eligibility criteria for a green card may vary according to which category you fit in. Some of the categories are:

  1. Green Card through Family member
  2. Green Card through US-based company employment
  3. Green Card to Special Immigrant such as Religious worker, Afghanistan or Iraq Translator for USCIS, Member of US media, Retired officer
  4. Green Card to Refugee (if refugee admitted being a refugee at least 1 year ago)
  5. Green Card to Crime Victims (if you Currently have a U nonimmigrant visa)

Eligibility criteria recognize whether you are the right candidate to meet the requirements necessary to be a Green Card holder or not.

Importance of Certified Translation for Green Card

There are several computer translation services everywhere however accurate editing and proofreading is much needed. This stays away from the occurrence of errors in every document. Thus, the importance of certified translation for the green card comes into role.

Certified translation prevents your documents from illiterate and inaccurate translation. Certified translation makes sure; the translation you get would make sense.

Documents you need for green card application are all the indispensable documents such as court orders, contracts, crucial records, and educational degrees. They further accepted for the green card interview. For verification of signatures, stamps, or seals on the documents, the translation must be faultless.

Scammers in the translation are existing universally. They try to spy on your personnel information and money to take advantage of you. More often, they use Google translator to translate essential documents. As a result, grammatical, and syntax errors has shown in the finished translated document. Therefore, before applying for the green card, beware of such scam translation agencies.


Since, documents translation for a green card is extremely important, working with trusted translators is even more. Translators must be competent enough to translate all the legal documents error-free. Since green card provides you with many rights, translation of all the legal documents must be done professionally.

Translation of legal documents requires high-quality translation. But, before applying for translation, must check your eligibility. After all, translated documents you get must be carried out in English.

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