What Are the Most Common Formats for A Translation?


When you are translating a document from professional translators you must have knowledge about the common translation formats. You should know which format is compatible with the chosen document translation.

Here, we will discuss various types of common formats that a translator uses while translating a document.

Reasons for Using Formats for a Translation

Most of the people who are seeking to translate their documents use many types of document formats. It can be a PDF or an image. So, when they are sending these types of documents for translation, it might not suit the translation procedure. This is because these documents are sent for translation in a format that cannot be edited. It means that translation tools like the ‘CAT TOOL’ cannot directly manage the texts in these documents.

The CAT TOOL cannot manage the texts in these documents because they cannot count words, and prepare a price quote for translation. Even the translation of these documents will be lengthy since the CAT TOOL cannot edit or re-write the texts manually. As it includes the long and tedious work of first converting the document into a format that can be edited or re-write manually.

Therefore, to save time, money, and effort you must make a request to the translators that they must use suitable formats to translate your documents. Moreover, you should also see that your translator is using editable documents for its translation.

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Most Common Editable Formats

There are various types of common editable formats that a translator uses for translating certain types of documents. These are:

  • MS Office Formats for translating documents that are in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. MS Office formats can also translate documents from open-source editable programs like Open Office.
  • There are also Layout and Design formats like Adobe InDesign, Auto Cad, Frame Maker, etc.
  • There are also other formats that can speed up the translation process and save up customers’ money. These includes HTML, XML, CSV, TMX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLIFF, etc.

Types of Compatible Formats A Translator Uses for Various Document Translation

These days professional translators are working with diverse languages to translate a document. In order to rise above their customer’s requirements, they should know technical skills. These technical skills also consist of having knowledge regarding various types of formats. The translators generally use these compatible formats to translate various types of documents.

So, we are now presenting the list of the main compatible formats, that a translator often uses for document translation. The list includes:

  • HTML Translation

HTML is a mark-up language that displays various contents on the internet. So, an HTML translation format translates the texts of a website accurately. It also considers checking details like meta tags, script contents, and hyperlinks. HTML formats also check if these details need localization or not.

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  • Software Translation

The formats of Software translation consist of translating and localize file formats that are based on software. It translates and even localises the software of cars, smartphones, tablets, electronic appliances, production system, etc. Software translation uses file formats like OCX, CPL, EXE, DLL, etc.

  • Adobe InDesign Translation

Adobe InDesign is globally famous for being the leading desktop publishing software (DTP. It offers DTP publishing services for documents like posters, flyers magazines, brochures, e-books, etc. This type of translation format is for translating important documents for advertisement agencies and companies’ marketing departments.

  • Adobe FrameMaker Translation

Technical editors and authors use Adobe FrameMaker Translation for translating professional text design. It translates FrameMaker files by managing certain control characters in the settings of the document.

  • PDF Translation

The PDF translation format is very time- consuming for any translators’ work. Translating the contents of a PDF file often worries the translators. A translator must know some tips to handle PDF file translation easily. One such tip includes converting the PDF file into word files by formatting the original text before translation.

  • Microsoft Word Translation

Microsoft Word translation is used for translating MS Word documents. It includes the translation of documents that are originally in MS Word. Word document translation is also some in formats like DOCX, DOTX, DOCM, etc.

  • XLIFF Translation

XLIFF is the most popular format that is famous among professional translators. This format is mostly used in the translation industry because it directly manages various file formats and layouts. It is also useful for translating a single file from several source files.


Therefore, these are the common types of formats that a translator should know while doing document translation. If the translator knows which format is suitable for a certain document translation, then it will be easier for them in translating a document effectively. Moreover, customers can also save money in this translation process.

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