How Do You Translate A Document Officially?


Official translation of documents for any official task is really vital. You need to know that how do you translate a document officially.

Moreover, it is also essential to understand the motive behind translating documents. So, let us make a deep estimation regarding different ways of translating documents officially.

Official Document Translation: Meaning

Official document translation denotes the legally compulsory translation of certain documents. This means that a sworn translator officially translates documents that are recognized by legal authorities. This also includes verification by the translator that this translated copy is legal and obligatory as the original official document.

You can treat the translation of that official document as accurate. It is a completely original replica of the original document in another language. A good translation company will support you to translate your document officially and accurately.

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Official Document Translation: Features

It is easy to identify most of the official translation of documents due to some of the features. These features are clearly seen in the copy translation in form of an official stamp from the translator. It also consists of a valid statement by a sworn translator. Thus, on the basis of these features, the official authorities will check the translation of the official document’s validity and professionalism.

Officially Translated Documents: Uses & Requirements

There are various examples of the translation of the official document. One of these is educational certificates and academic transcripts. These documents are required for translation when you are switching to schools or universities in a new country. Moreover, the admission officials of the new school should be able to read your academic documents. They will not approve these documents unless a sworn translator. translates it

One of the most commonly applicable official documents is immigration documents. Here, you need to get ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) translation for your foreign travel. These documents include medical clearance certificate, work clearance, driving licenses, court documents, police clearance, etc. You need to translate these documents for your entry and stay in a foreign country. Moreover, you need to translate legal documents by professionals.  So, these are some of the uses of the official document translation.

You should also need to keep in mind a few requirements when you are translating your documents officially through a translation service provider. These are very important to make the translation process smooth. It will also save you money and time. Let’s have a look at certain requirements. These are:

  • Use of certified translation of the document that is issued in the source language to the native language must be followed by a signed certificate of accuracy. For example, Spanish to English translation online.
  • A certificate of accuracy is also needed when a translation is done through a notary public.
  • You need to consider the requirement of Apostille. This is the legalization of foreign documents in another country. Translation of this particular official document needs to be legalized in 2 countries.

How to Get Your Documents Officially Translated in the USA?

Most of you are thinking about how to get your documents translated into the USA officially. You can do it in 3 ways –

1.     Translating documents officially from a ministry and gain an official stamp or any kind of validation to the document translation.

2.     Translating and certifying documents officially by sworn translators and certified language translators.

3.     Hire online translators from reputed translation companies.

Before you translate official documents, you need to determine in which format you need your document translation. You should also specify the target language in which you need a document translation.  You should also seek permission regarding hiring approved translators from the target countries’ authorities. In the USA, if you seek to translate official documents for the USA, then you need to choose ATA-certified translators. These are the approved translators to do your translation task. Otherwise, it will be rejected if the translation is done by somebody else.

So, if you need approved translators, you can have a good search online. You will get many reputed translators who have years of experience in translating documents. They will also make it official and certified by a notary public free of cost.


So, now you know how to translate a document officially. You also have the information about key features and requirements that is vital to fulfilling. It is also advised to check with the concerned authorities before translating a document. You can consult with them regarding guidelines to translate a particular document officially.

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