P-3 Visa Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group)


What Is P-3 Visa: Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group)?

The P-3 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa for artists and entertainers who are coming temporarily to the United States to perform, teach, or coach. The P-3 visa allows an individual or group of individuals to enter the US as a performer, artist, or entertainer.

The requirements for this type of visa are that you must be coming in either individually or with a group (in which case all members have the same purpose), performing arts must be your primary occupation and it is not necessary that you intend to stay permanently in America.

The United States welcomes global artists and entertainers to come in on a P-3 visa. The United States is always looking for new cultural experiences that are different than what they’re used to, so it’s important for them not just have one way of doing things because their culture isn’t compatible with Western Culture anymore– but this also takes away from the diversity we strive towards as an entire country!

The US government wants people who can provide foreign-born entertainment and artistry which will make America more diverse by providing us with something completely unfamiliar yet still mesmerizing enough to keep our eyes glued on stage or screen no matter how many times we’ve seen it before.

Requirements For Obtaining The P-3 Visa

There are some basic requirements to qualify for a P-3 visa:

  • Entertainers and artists coming to the United States to perform in a culturally diverse program
  • Artists to represent, teach, or coach cultural, musical, ethnic folk, artistic, or theatrical arts in the U.S.
  • Artists entering the U.S. to enhance the development or understanding of culturally unique art forms
  • Support personnel to a P3 holder can apply as well, as long as they can demonstrate their role within the cultural project
  • Have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge, and experience in providing support services to artists and entertainers
  • You are being sponsored by a cultural, educational, or governmental organization
  • You have achieved national or international recognition or acclaim in the culturally unique program you shall perform

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Application Process And Required Documentation For P-3 Visa

Application Process:

The very first step for a P-3 visa is Form I-129, Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker, which must be submitted by your U.S. employer, agency, or sponsoring group.

When the petitioner is a U.S. agent, he or she must be in business as an agent, submit a complete itinerary of services and engagements for the P beneficiary, submit the contracts between the employer(s) and P beneficiary, and explain the terms and conditions of the P beneficiary’s employment.

An application can be filed after the petition has been approved. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to schedule an interview with the US Embassy. It is possible that the classification will be denied if the application or interview is not completed.

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Required Additional Documentation:

There are some supporting documents that are required at the time of submitting the application-

  • A written consultation from a relevant labor organization
  • An explanation of the event and an itinerary (if the events or performances will take place in many places, an itinerary must be included, The dates and locations of the event must be specified on the itinerary)
  • A copy of the petitioner-beneficiary contract or a summary of the details of an oral agreement between the petitioner and the beneficiary
  • Affidavits, testimonials, or letters from well-known experts attesting to your or your group’s abilities in performing, presenting, coaching, or teaching the unique and traditional art forms, as well as a statement outlining the expert’s qualifications and the basis for their understanding of your or your group’s abilities
  • Documentation demonstrating your or your group’s performance is culturally distinct, as proven by the newspaper, journal, or other published materials
  • Documentation that all of the performances or presentations will be culturally unique events

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Costs Associated With Applying, Including Fees And Application Processing Time For A P-3 visa

Total Cost: The total cost, including legal fees and government charges, are $460. This includes all application processing costs and nonrefundable filing fees charged by USCIS.

Employers can pay the $2,500 premium processing fee when available. USCIS will adjudicate the P-1A petition within 15 calendar days. This means that USCIS is required to approve, issue a request for evidence or deny the visa petition within those 15 calendar days.

Application Processing Time:  Processing time for P-3 visas averages 3 months but if you are paying a premium processing fee then you can get a reply within 15 days from USCIS.

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Period of Stay/Extension of Stay

A P-3 Visa is valid for the duration needed to complete the event or performance. However, your stay cannot exceed 1 year.

You can apply for a P3 Visa extension of up to one year before your permit expires. You must verify that you intend to stay in the country just to continue or complete your activity or performance when filling out a new Form I-129.

Can P-3 Visa Holder’s Bring Their Dependents On A P-3 Visa?

Yes, P-4 status is available for the spouse and unmarried children (under the age of 21) of the P-2 visa holders. Their dependents are not permitted to work, but they are permitted to attend school or college.

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The P-3 Visa is a visa that’s designed to facilitate the entry and temporary stay of artists or entertainers. It allows them to come into the United States for short periods of time, as long as they are coming solely for their work in entertainment; it does not allow people who need access to education, welfare benefits, or medical treatment. Artists can apply for this type of visa if they have been given an offer from any U.S.-based employer (or prospective employer), but only those with extraordinary abilities may qualify under “extraordinary ability/distinguished merit” provisions.

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