Understanding the Time Taken by USCIS and NVC to Process Applications and Status Check


Time taken to process the application depends on the type of application you are submitting; either USCIS or NVC or both will handle your case. There are usually few primary factors on which the processing time of your application depends i.e., the service Centre processing your application and the type of application you are applying for.

However, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic’s effect, all the applications are taking more time than usual to get processed. This article, help you in understanding how you can check the status of your case and how long it takes for USCIS and NVC to process the application.

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How do I check the status of my case?

NVC and USCIS grant all the applicants to check the status of their applications online. In order to check the case status for both (USCIS and NVC), you will require the welcome letter that you have obtained from both agencies.

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‍Guide to check your USCIS Case Status

You can check your USCIS case status by going online. You will only require the receipt number given in Form I-797, a notice of action you received from USCIS when they accepted your application. The 13 characters long receipt number allows you to check your current USCIS status online using USCIS online case status tracker.

‍Step 1: Open the USCIS online case status tracker

You will have to start the first step by logging into your USCIS online case tracker. You can enter the case tracker by visiting www.uscis.gov and then select the check your status. You are required to have your receipt number along with you while you access the USCIS online case tracker.

‍Step 2: Key in your receipt number

After successfully accessing your online case tracker, you will need to key in your receipt number to check your current case status. When you enter the receipt number in the case tracker, ensure that you enter the provided 13 characters without typing any dash between the numbers.

Step 3: Review your case status.

Once you have entered your receipt number in the online case tracker and click on the enter button, you will find the result of the current case status displayed on your screen. In the online case status tracker, you will also be able to check the information related to the notice that USCIS has sent to you and is still pending your response.

Unfortunately, the case status will not tell you the next step of your application process, but it will show you where your application is in the entire filling process and with that you will get an idea of what next step you need to take.

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‍Step by step guide to check your NVC case status

NVC also has the similar process of checking the current status of your case. The only change is that you will receive visa case number instead of receipt number will be assigned to your case at the beginning of the application process. You can get this case number through the welcome letter that you received from NVC when they accepted your application.

‍Step 1: Open the U.S. Department of State’s Visa Status checker

The very first step that you need to take to check the NVC case status is by visiting the website of the Department of State Visa status checker. You will find various options to identify the current case status of immigration visas and nonimmigrant visas on that web page. Then, tap on the link based on the type of immigrant or nonimmigrant visa you are applying for.

Step 2: Enter your immigration visa number.

After visiting the case status tracker website, you will require to proceed with the next step of entering the non-immigrant and immigrant visa case number. You can find your Visa number with several other related information on the welcome letter that you received from the NVC when they accepted and started working on your application.

The immigrant Visa number is 13 characters long. It generally starts with three letters accompanied by ten numbers.

If you talk non-nonimmigrant visa number, it consists of different formats which may include either eight numbers or one letter accompanied by seven numbers.

Once you have located the Visa number from the welcome letter that you have received from NVC, now you must enter the Visa number in the required column. Again, make sure you do not give any dashes in between the characters.

Step 3: Review your case status.

After entering the immigrant Visa number in the case tracker, you get the NVC case status displaying on your screen. This current status displayed on your screen is the latest update of your application, no doubt, it will not tell you what is the next step of your application are, but it will give you an idea regarding where your application is in the process.

Whenever you check the current case status, make sure you enter your Visa number correctly and use the right tool for the right category. For example suppose, you might get an error if you entered your non-immigrant visa number in the immigrant visa tracker and entered the immigrant visa number to the non-immigrant visa tracker.

What should I do if my case is taking too long?

Some of the immigration applications might take a longer time to get processed. The perfect way to understand if you need to take action is by understanding your case and checking the average time to process the application you have filed.

If USCIS is managing your case You will require to call USCIS

The first thing you need to do if your application is getting delayed is to call the USCIS to get the information related to your case status. You can call the USCIS by dialing 8003755283.

Whenever you call the USCIS, make sure that you have your receipt number in your hand as to identify your case; they will require your receipt number. If you don’t find solution from the automated system, then by following the steps of the automated system, you can connect with one of the USCIS representatives to discuss your case status-related problem.

If you still could not find the answer to your question after communicating with the representative, you can ask to connect with the second-tier officer. You must show some patience when you call on USCIS phone number as their phone number is mostly busy because several other people are taking queries for the same reason.

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Submit a USCIS E-request

If you didn’t find any solution by calling on USCIS phone number and your application is still getting delayed, then the other thing you can do is to submit the USCIS E-request. This is the official request made by the applicant to get an update of their case. After submitting the request, USCIS will contact you through mail within 15 working days. You have two options through which you can submit the USCIS E- request.

The first option through which you can file the E-request is by asking the representative with whom you had speak when you called the USCIS for submitting the “service request” on your behalf if your application is taking more than the estimated time that was mentioned on the USCIS website.

The other way through which you can submit the request as by submitting the request online by yourself. Always remember that you can only submit the request if your case is taking longer than the regular processing time. In case you file the inquiry, and when your case is still within the estimating processing time, then USCIS will send you a general message informing you that your case is still in the regular processing time.

Submit an expedited request

If you didn’t find any solution to your problem after submitting the request, then choosing to submit an expert request might help you solve the issues. You can use this option only if you fulfill the USCIS case expedites criteria. If you met the requirements, then you have the option to submit the expedite request for your application along with the required documents. For this request, USCIS takes up to 30 to 45 days to respond.

If NVC is handling your case

Call the NVC

‍If your case is taking longer than the regular processing time, you can call the National Visa Centre to find out the problem with your case. For immigrant visa queries, you can call 6033340700 to speak with the customer service representative.

The waiting time of the call will be 30 minutes, so whenever you call the customer service representative make sure you have sufficient waiting time. Also, make sure you have USCIS receipt and NVC visa case number along with you when you are making the call.

Submit an Ask NVC request

After doing lots of research, when you found that your case is taking more than NVC estimated processing time, then you should file the Ask NVC request by visiting the State Department website. While filing the request, make sure that you have both the USCIS receipt number and NVC case number with you, as you will be required to provide both the number while submitting the request.

If your case is with a U.S. consulate or embassy

‍Suppose your case is with the US consulate or embassy, then you must contact the US embassy or consulate that is managing your case to get information about your case status.

If the national visa center has sent your case to the embassy or consulate, for making the decision regarding your visa, and that embassy also has the information about your case. You can get the embassy’s contact information or consulate on the notice that you have received from them for scheduling the interview. However, you can also find the contact information in the Foreign Embassy and Consulate directory by visiting the State Department’s website.

What to do if nothing works?

After trying all the above-given option you still are unable to identify the current case status with USCIS, NVC or your consulate or embassy, then consulting the immigration attorney is a better option.


We hope the information given in the guide about how to check case processing time and what to do if it takes a longer time to get processed is helpful for you.

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