Is Your Immigration Documents Require Certified Translation?


Do your immigration documents need a certified translation? It is a common question that comes to your mind while you think about immigration in the USA.  From traveling to working in the US, your legal documents are the legal security you carry around.

Yes, if you belong to a foreign country whose immigration documents are in the original country language then your documents require certified translation. Here, certified translation makes you free from stress about the translation of your documents.

In our daily life, any government or authority-related work needs our legal documents. Thus, to make sure that our legal documents are certified translated is in our hands.

Although, why only certified translation can help us is the first thought that comes into our mind?

Certified Translation Maintains Accuracy After Immigration

  • For immigration in the US, you need your legal documents must be accurately translated. Accurate translation is only being provided by a certified translation agency having the most top-rated qualified translators working on the translation for years.
  • Certified translation makes sure that your documents bear the signature, name, date, and contact information of the translator or translator company because on immigration USCIS checks that all your legal immigration documents should comprise of stamp or seal of the authorized translation services.
  • In fact, not only accurate, but certified translation services also provide a safe translation of your legal documents. Certified translation ensures that no document can be harmed. The user’s name and signatures should remain the same without merging into the normal text.

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Immigrants must need certified translation for Legal Documents

As we mentioned earlier, legal documents are the documents that make you secure and safe whether you are an immigrant or native.

As an immigrant, the certified translation for legal documents required for the agreement between two different countries.

Legal documents are the protection of your identity. The certified translation has a way for immigrants to prevent their identity to get sold out.

Application for adjustment of status requires all your legal documents to be certified translated. Translation of legal documents has to be certified as mentioned in the USCIS guidelines related to legal documents for immigration.

For instance, foreign students who want to study in the US or who are willing to work in the US after their graduation must need to send their legal documents for certified translation to apply for the appropriate visa to be a student visa holder.

Certified Translation vs. Notarized Translation

S. No. Certified Translation Notarized Translation
1. Certified translation is used for all legal documents such as immigration documents, birth, death, or marriage certificates, business contracts, court transcripts, and adoption agreements. While the notarized translation is only used for academics documents required in the schools and universities.
2. Certified translation gives a signed certificate on accuracy and true representation of your documents. Notarized translation does not focus on quality control.
3. Certified translation is responsible for the complete translation process. Whereas in notarized translation, notary public needs to witness your sign for certification.
4. Certified translation is done by qualified translators. Notarized translation is done by their self-acknowledged translators.

Certified Translation Assures TEP (Translate, Edit, and Proofread) For Immigration Documents

Surely, when applying for the certified translation services, the user has to keep in mind that the translation agency not only translates documents but they also provide editing and proofreading for high-quality results.

Certified translation assures TEP i.e. the sequence in the order of translation, editing and proofreading to ensure documents of superior quality. Moreover, if either of them lacks in the process of certified translation, the documents you get might not up to the mark and finds risk of failure in the further immigration procedure.


Immigration documents are the legal documents we always bring with us. Thus, before you apply in any agency for translation of your documents, make sure the agency must be certified and the translation must be held in translate, edit and proofread sequence.

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