Most Common Academic Documents that Needs to be Translated


Academic translation is the translation of academic documents for various purposes like getting admission in colleges and universities abroad. It includes a broad spectrum from translations of diplomas to journal translations, or dissertations, articles, and presentations. Some writers may choose to publish scholarly papers in English that were originally published in foreign languages.

Moreover, it includes written knowledge, subject matter knowledge, and expertise in the source and target languages. In this article, we are going to talk about academic certificate translation and the document that needs to be translated. So let’s get started:

Types of academic documents that need to be translated

There are plenty of academic documents which are mentioned down below:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Diploma or certificates(Birth Certificate, Character certificate)
  • Resumes, Letter of Recommendations
  • School, college, university graduation certificate or degrees
  • Research papers, thesis, research articles
  • Grade marks of secondary school classes

All of these academic documents need to be translated for a better understanding. Thus, there is a great need for academic document translation.

Why is there a need to translate academic documents?

Academic documents are important in so many ways. They help us to get admission to college/university for our further studies. Now the translation of these academic documents arises when we want to study in a foreign country. The reasons for why academic documents need to be translated are given below:

  • The first perception that college admission offices have about you when you apply for a college is your academic transcript. You’re doing your best to gain the grades that’ll get you to your dream college. 
  • If a student is planning to move abroad to any country for further studies, then academic document translations are required. The reason for this is language can be a barrier between communication between students and college faculty. Thus, it is important to remove that language barrier with the help of translation of documents. It will enable them to understand better the requirements of students and can give proper guidance.
  • If studying abroad is the next step in your academic career, certificate transcription of students is required. You will need to get your transcript translated. The reason for the same is to give certain colleges an accurate understanding of your academic record. Thus, this is where the need for academic translation comes in.
  • In particular, translated versions of the below academic documents would possibly be mandatory for an international student with documents in a foreign language: Diplomas, Certificates, Exam results, Course records, Transcripts, Certifications, Letter of recommendations, Syllabus, Personal Statement, Curriculum Vitae, etc.

Tips to hire a professional academic translator

There are certain things that need to be considered before you choose an academic translator. We are going to talk about them down below:

  • You should take no chances, considering the weight and value of the documents that need to be translated. Do not even think about asking your bilingual colleagues, unless they’re experts, to do the translation for you. Translating documents requires expertise and experience.
  • Risks are quite often, particularly if you are looking at publishing a journal, or sending documents to a university or for your job as part of your requirements. You can be confident that your project is handled, translated, proofread, and authorized carefully by hiring the services of a reputable translation company.

If you are looking for professional translation services in the USA, you have to look after certain factors. While choosing a translation company, you should look for the following qualities:

  • Passion: Translators tend to be very positive about their work in translation. To deliver every project in excellent condition, as though it were their own project, they use all their resources and effort.
  • Translation skills: A good translator has to have a particular linguistic education. They should not only know the foreign language in which they work, but they should also have great translation skills.
  • Curiosity: In order to continue to learn new terms and phrases, a translator should be interested and inspired. A translator’s learning process is never-ending.
  • Rich Vocabulary: A great translator must have a strong vocabulary not only in the mother tongue but also in a foreign language. This will make the task of translation simpler and the translation quality higher. In specific fields, translators often acquire technical terminology, such as business, law, science, engineering, etc.


Academic translation plays a very important role when you are planning to study abroad. It is also important when you want the world to read your research paper and journal. Thus, it is highly crucial to make the best use of great translation services. While looking for translating your documents in the USA, you should look and choose wisely. Translation providers should have the skills and expertise to assist you in the task of academic document translation.

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