What is TEP and How It Affects Legal Documents?


To create faith, TEP is the methodology in the field of translation services that takes it one step higher. TEP stands for Translation-Editing-Proofreading. It is proved to be a successful process when making credibility stronger. TEP allows us to rely on translation services as a whole.

Customers are better believer in the translation services which provide this full 3 step process. Thus, legal documents not only go through translation but also editing and proofreading are the cornerstones of the whole process. In a way, TEP is necessary for legal documents to give quality results as one always wished for.

Purpose of TEP

The TEP is a method to ensure the highest accuracy and protects the original meaning of the source language. The main purpose of TEP is to keep premium quality of translation through supervision of the different linguistics. As different linguistics includes in the different processes of the translation, thereby to maintain the core values of the company.

Therefore, Linguistics’ strong core values in translation services are the key to quality assurance. Core values keep away the biased decision within the team. As a result, keeps confidential information safe and content of higher quality.

Now, let’s take a look at each individual step:

Translation – The first step for Legal Documents 

The translation is obviously the main step of the TEP process as it makes about 60% of the whole process.

Translation of documents consists of interpretation of the original text to the target language.

Thus, the translator should be wiser enough about the language and the country of the language. Proficient translators keep the context of the language the same. Choosing the right certified translation services makes the text of legal documents as it is.

In fact, certified translation remembers language formats and uses their skills & tools to perform a translation with full satisfaction rate.

Different levels of translation involve:

  1. Direct translation – This involves the translation of documents into the target language by making the text as similar as the original text.
  2. Localization – It involves localizing the original content by keeping in mind the cultural values and preferences of the target language.
  3. Transcreation – It is used for marketing purposes as the content being delivered to convey the meaning and message of the original text into the target language.

Editing – The crucial stage for Legal Documents

Editing is the most crucial stage of the TEP process. It is the intermediate stage of the TEP process. Editors have to check the translated text thoroughly and accurately to prevent any kind of misunderstanding. To fix any mistakes, editors are allowed to change the text the way they want.

Moreover, whether incorporating better words or phrases in the sentences, editors have all the rights to make the translation better. Definitely, editors have a major responsibility to ensure complete and coherent translation.

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Proofreading  – The final stage for Legal Documents

Proofreading is the ultimate stage of the TEP process. The expertise of proofreading looks out for the spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors in the text. Most of the translation services do not employ proofreading after editing which causes inaccuracy to happen in the final text.

Proofreaders must be qualified to review and analyze the final text of the translated documents.

Since proofreading not only focuses on the context but also ensures the country standards of the language. Therefore, the TEP process consisting of proofreading enhances the translated text of the documents.


After translation, before they jump to proofreading, editing has to be done to follow the criteria of TEP. TEP ensures legal documents are required to get accepted in the application of USCIS.

So, Immigrants who are looking for translation services require premium quality TEP of their legal documents at cheap prices. The certified translation services benefit customers with both TEP and cheap prices. Hence, certified translation services use expensive tools to stick to the translation memory and to follow the specific styles needed for all the projects.

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