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Applying for a green card in the United States of America requires various documentations. These documents are required to support your US citizenship application. If any documents you are submitting is not in English, your green card application will get rejected immediately. So, you need to opt for certified document translation into the English language. Moreover, if you are from other countries like Spain, you need to translate your important documents like your birth certificates through a professional translation agency in the USA.

So, here we will discuss translating your common documents like a birth certificate from Spanish to the English language. Moreover, this will also guide you in properly applying, getting, and submitting certified Spanish to English birth certificate translation to process your immigration application in a hassle-free manner.

Purposes of Birth Certificate Translation from Spanish to English

Birth certificates are one of the most common documents that you need to submit to the US government to get your green card. Along with the other relevant documents, you need to translate your birth certificate into English. Birth certificates play an important role in your green card application because this document is the identity of your presence and origin.

Birth certificates are essential for applying for jobs in the US, gain admission to any US university and college. Additionally, if you want to settle in the US permanently, you need to submit your birth certificate in English translation.

If you are from Spain who wants to apply for a US green card but have a birth certificate in Spanish. So, you should translate your birth certificate into English from certified legal translators in the USA for a smooth and hassle-free green card application.

The main purpose of translating your birth certificate into the English language is that US immigration officials accept all documents in the English language only. This is because they understand only English language documents. So, to avoid any confusion it is better to translate your Spanish birth certificate into English.

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Who Is Qualified to Translate Spanish Birth Certificate in English?

The first task of translating your birth certificate along with other documents is very crucial. You have to decide who is more qualified to translate an important document like birth certificates. Any person who is fluent in both Spanish and English can translate birth certificates along with other documents. Though the current immigration law allows you to be your own translators. But the question arises that – “Are you qualified enough to translate and certify an official document like a birth certificate?’. Well, the answer is NO.

You are not qualified enough to carry out the certified English translation of the birth certificate. The only qualified ones are the professional translators who possess advanced knowledge in both Spanish and English. They are the ones who can provide certified translation as per the US immigration guidelines. They follow strict guidelines since the immigration officials strictly review every document like birth certificates. Therefore, to avoid any kind of delay or hitches regarding your green card application, consult with a professional translator online from reputed translation agencies. Moreover, before you hire anyone to translate your birth certificate, consult with the immigration officials of USCIS about the acknowledged and authorized organizations that provide birth certificate translation services online

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Features of Birth Certificate Translated by Them

The translation of birth certificates from Spanish to English by professional translators carries some special features. These features give assurance that the translated version is the replica of the original Spanish birth certificate.

Following are the features of birth certificate translation by online professional translators:

  • Certified Seal and Sign of Authority.
  • Neatly typing of contents in the birth certificate.
  • Notarization if you ask for it.
  • Accurate word to word translation.
  • Perfect language tone.
  • The best explanation of jargon and regional technical terms if necessary.


A birth certificate is an important document to translate for carrying out immigration and green card application formalities. It is also necessary to translate your non- English birth certificates that are in the Spanish language. So, for the smooth green card application process, you need to get a birth certificate translation from Spanish to English.

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