Translation Challenges for Managing Chinese Patent Documents


China is rapidly growing its economy.  Even many foreign companies are keen to invest in Chinese markets. The reason behind this huge foreign investment is China’s booming technological industries.

So, in order to invest in Chinese business companies, foreign investors need to file for patent applications. So, all these foreign patents need Chinese translation.  As a result, you will see that various Chinese legal firms and translation companies are catering to the demand for Chinese Patent documents Translation. They are meeting this demand by hiring Chinese translators all around the globe.

However, the Chinese translation of patent documents has various challenges. There are certain issues that arise while translating and managing Chinese patent documents. These challenges and issues are related to grammar, fluency, terminology, and others. Here, we will suggest how to overcome these translation challenges.

Patent Documents Translation in Chinese

As a foreign investor, you need to consider having patent documents translated into Chinese. This is necessary for investing in Chinese business establishments and their technology-driven companies. According to the 2019 reports of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), the current total foreign patent application figures up to 157,000. This is approximately 6 % greater than the previous years received patent applications.

The law firms of foreign countries draft a patent in their own local language. Later, they give it to the China-based law forms or translation agencies for Chinese translation. Then comes the job of the proof-reader of this Chinese law firm. They proofread and review the entire patent document. Then finally comes the filing of this patent application by the law firms of China.

It is sure that the translators who translate these patent documents into Chinese have an important impact on the documents’ translation quality. It is important that the entire patent document translation should be accurate and clear just like the original one. The writings should be fluent enough to impress the patent inspector. But, if you face challenges like poor patent translation, your patent application will not go smoothly. It is also possible that your Chinese patent document may get rejected.

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Various Chinese Patents Translation Challenges & Strategies to Overcome It

Patent translation especially in the Chinese language is always a challenging task in the field of document translation. Here, the translator and proofreader must possess knowledge in technical terms and both sets of languages. They should take strategies to accurately and professionally handle this Chinese patent document translation in a most literal manner. However, translators face various challenges in translating Chinese patents.

These challenges and their strategies in overcoming them are as follows:

Grammar: Grammar is the base of a well-structured patent document translation. The quality of grammar affects the entire life of the patent. Low grammar can destroy the meaning of the patent document.

So, for the smooth functioning of the patent documents, translators must accurately perform accurate sentence deconstruction. These translators should also understand the basics of sentences too.

Terminology: Terminology is another challenge that a translator faces while translating patent documents. There are also certain technical terms that a translator should be aware of. Sometimes it happens that the same term or word may have different meanings in various areas. This makes the translator confuse certain terms or words.

Therefore, the translators who are translating patent documents should develop their knowledge in learning a comprehensive dictionary of technical-scientific terms. Moreover, they should also learn which term or words suits well in which industry. Translators can also use CAT software tools (Computer-Aided Tools) that are best for document translation. In this manner, you can get translated Chinese scientific documents for patents.

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Fluency:  Patent documents are not like any other ordinary documents. It needs extra language fluency along with style and readability. This lack of fluency will make the patent documents confusing. Moreover, the patent grants will be at the risk of rejection if the description of important technical points is not fluent.

So, to overcome these challenges and issues, translators must apply a strong strategy. They should sharpen their skills in Chinese reading and writing skills.  To be highly fluent, accurate, and clear-cut.

Patent Law Adaptation:  Foreign investors applying for patents through PCT or Paris Convention must obey the guidelines and rules of Chinese Patent Law. In the same manner, the translators must consider the rules of Chinese patent law while translating patent documents. The failure of abiding by these rules will lead to an increase in formality problems. This problem due to formality will lead to making further amendments during the checking of the patent application. This further amendment may make your patent documents non- patentable.

Therefore, to overcome the problems of patent law adaption, you must hire a patent translator that has knowledge of Chinese Patent Law. Moreover, they should also possess experience in drafting patent papers in the Chinese language. Moreover, translators should put on their legal experience and knowledge while translating patent projects. They translate patent documents as per the rules of Chinese Patent Law. If they find some content that is against the rules of Patent Law, they should contact their client for any correction. This is just to avoid any kind of future risk in the case.


You have to face various challenges and issues while translating and managing patent documents in the Chinese language. The translators who are translating patent documents usually face these challenges and issues due to terminology, words, fluency, and patent law adaption.

So, to overcome these challenges, a translator must work accordingly and accurately. They should also increase their translation experience and technical knowledge. As a result, due to various strategies, they can overcome these translation challenges. Lastly, investors’ Chinese patent document applications will also process smoothly.

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