Translation Services for Families Whose Home Language Is Not English


Are you thinking of shifting your family to English-speaking countries like the USA or UK? Then you should consider having translation services for your family if your native language is no English. This is a very important task of your immigration process because USCIS accepts only certified English documents. If you or your family members don’t have documents in English, you must consider getting paid translation services from a reputed translation company.

You will find many companies online where most of the companies declare providing a good translation at cheap prices. However, if you are going to get translation services for immigration, it is best to consider taking services from only certified translation companies. Apart from that, you can also get hassle-free interpretation and translation services for all languages like Chinese, English, Russia, French, etc. Another thing to consider is hiring only those translators who have recognition from the American Translators Association ATA).

Certified Family Translation of Documents

Migrating to your dream country like the USA requires smooth documentation. So, if you submit relevant family documents to the immigration officials your migration will be smoother and faster. Non- English families who are desiring to settle in the USA can opt for certified document translation.

You should get a certified family translation of documents if you don’t speak English as your native language. So, these are the family documents that you can get certified translation. These are birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates or divorce decrees, academic certificates, passports, police records, driving licenses, and other USCIS accepted documents.

Here are the brief details of documents you need to translate if these documents are not in the English language. These are-

  • Academic Certificates

You need to translate academic certificates like all degree and diploma certificates. This also includes admission letters recommendation letters and transcripts. If you translate these documents through a certified native English document translator, the immigration officials will treat you as a worthy candidate. You can even get accepted by the leading US universities.

  • Police Records

If any of family member who is migrating with you to the USA need to submit a Police Record Certificate. This means that you need to provide a police record certificate in translated English from every country your family member has stayed in since the age of 16.

  • Passport

The very first step to passing the immigration test is to submit a verified passport in the English language. If you submit this document in an accurate manner, you can impress the immigration officials.

  • Birth Certificate 

Birth Certificates are a very important document of you and your family’s source of identity and origin. You can convert the birth certificates into different languages. If you are going to the USA you must hire an expert linguist for translating your birth certificate. If possible, you can get the same-day translation for your birth certificate. If you require birth certificate translation for immigration you can get it translated with a complete notarization process.  If you think about who will do the translation of your birth certificate, the solution is the expert translator will do that for you.

Get Quick Translation Services from Certified Translators

USCIS Translation for Immigrated Family Whose Mother Tongue is Not English

It is important to get USCIS translation services for an immigrant family whose mother tongue is not native English. This is because these families have barriers of language line.  You must consult a good translation company and hire an ATA-recognized translator from there. This is because whatever family documents they translate, will get accepted by any USCIS officials.

Moreover, from just $20 onwards you can get USCIS approved document translation for your immigrated family in case the documents are not in English.  So, you should reach out to the best certified translators. your certified translation

Concept of Family Translation

Before you are thinking to migrate your family to the US or UK, you need to understand the concept of family translation. It is sure that you may face any sort of difficulty with the embassy for the application of a passport or a visa for your family. Before things get complicated, it is best to sought help from an immigration lawyer. This lawyer can tell you everything about immigration guidelines including the norms of having family translation.

If your family is relocating to the US, they need document translation for important documents if that document is not issued in English. These documents include a visa, green card, citizenship certificate, naturalization, etc. You must also know that USCIS only accept these documents if it is accurate and the translation is done as per the immigration guidelines.

Importance of Having Family Translation

It is important to have a family translation of documents especially when you are staying with your family in the USA. This is because all the native documents are of no use. The US authorities will not accept or recognize them. So, it is better to keep ready all the translated documents in English. Moreover, in case of any legal issues in the USA, these documents will come in handy.

All the personal documents of your family need to be either certified or notarized. This takes a lot of time and money. However, if you opt for having an English translation of your documents it will save both your time and money. You can buy same-day document translation services from any reputed translation company at cheap prices. This translation is also done by an ATA translator which will also save you the cost of certification and notarization. Even the USCIS office also supports having certified translation of documents in English.


Your family should get a valid translation for legal and immigration-related documents. These documents should also be properly formatted and checked by an immigration official before submitting them to USCIS. It should also obtain a seal and be signed by the public notary. Moreover, it is also important to get family translation services to translate your family documents into English. Thus, if you want to pass your family’s non- English documents in US immigration opt for hiring a professional translator from a reputed translation company.

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