USA’s Global Entry Programme (CBP)


How USA’s Global Entry program (CBP) is Essential for Frequent USA Travelers?

Being a usual USA traveler for business or personal reasons, the most favorable thing for them according to the new program introduced by U.S. Customs and border protection agency is that they won’t have to wait longer to enter the United States. As many times it has seen that people often have to wait at the airport for longer times.

There are long lines at the United States airport because we government is concerned about security and properly screens every person entering the USA. Now US Government has analyzed that some passengers do not need to be checked at the port. Especially for the frequent flyers. The only thing they need to have is that they should be the member of the global entry program. The global entry program allows you to skip the long lines and at some of the biggest airports in the United States. US citizens and non- US citizens both can apply for this program.

It has become easy and faster to enter the USA as a traveler with the global entry program. After becoming a member of the global entry program, the particular do not have to wait longer for the security checks as they perform at the airport themselves. With this, you will avoid long waiting lines. To get more information about this program, then this guide is for you.

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What is the CBP Global Entry program?

The Global entry program is handled by U.S. customs and border protection (CBP). It is known as one of the most reliable traveler programs mainly created to allow entry into the United States for low-risk individuals.

This program enables the members to enter the USA quickly. As after being a member of this program, an office at the terminal performs the usual identity check independently. Therefore, this voluntary program allows you to enter the USA within few minutes.

This simplified check facility is performed at most of the major US airports, and hence this can be a great relief mostly for the people who most often visit the USA.

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Key facts of the Global entry program

Some of the key facts of the global entry program are as follows;

  • The application fee of the global entry membership is $100
  • The validity period of the global entry program is five years.
  • Participating in US airports is 53 since august 2018.
  • The application processing time is 4-6 weeks, along with waiting until the interview date.

Benefits of global entry program

After becoming a member of the global entry program, you will get eligible to enjoy the mentioned benefits:

  • Separate identity checkup at the entry port.
  • After becoming the global entry program member, your entry in the USA will be faster when compared with the non-global entry members.
  • After becoming the global entry program member, there will be no more long lines at the border official counter.
  • You will get authorized to the TSA PreCheck for the additional facility of the security check.

The TSA PreCheck still regularly checks the travelers at the airport during the departure. Still, after becoming a member of the global entry program, you will get access to enjoy more benefits, such as your laptops, liquids; shoes will no longer be tested separately. Instead, those candidates will have to line up at the TSA line, which shortens the security checkup time before departure to within few minutes.


Global Entry program is designed mainly for?

The global entry program is mainly for travelers who frequently visit and depart from the united states that pose a minimal risk to the country’s national security.

People from the countries are eligible to apply:

  • Citizens of the United Kingdom;
  • Citizens of Germany;
  • Citizens of Switzerland;
  • Citizens of Singapore;
  • Citizens of South Korea;
  • Citizens of India;
  • Citizens of Argentina;
  • Citizens of Taiwan;
  • Citizens of Colombia;
  • Citizens of Taiwan; and
  • Citizens of Mexico.

Moreover, the citizen of Canada and their residents are also welcome to apply for this programme if they enroll on the NEXUS Program.

Also, remember that this program status to you is individual. If your family wishes to join you, they will require applying for the global entry program.

Reasons for ineligibility

You might not get eligible to apply for the global entry program:

  • If you give any wrong or incomplete information while submitting the application
  • If you have been caught culprit under any of the criminal activities or if there is any pending criminal warrants issued against you;
  • If you failed in satisfying the CBP for your low-risk status.
  • If you have been violating any immigration, agricultural regulation or laws of any country.

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How to apply for global entry

Before you begin applying for global entry, ensure that you have met all the eligibility criteria. If you have met all the eligibility criteria, you will require to follow the below-mentioned steps:

The first step should be that you need to create a Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) account. No matter what is your age, you should have your TTP account.

After making your TTP account, you will require to sign in to your account and complete the application as given. The application fee is $100, which is non-refundable with a duly complete application.

Note: It will not be refunded even if your application gets rejected.

After you have submitted the application and application fee, CBP will check your application for four to six weeks. If everything goes fine and your application gets approved, the applying candidates will obtain confirmation of participation.

TTP account will guide you to arrange an appointment for an interview at one of the US Global Entry Enrollment Center. There are separate interview for every submitted application.

At the Global centre during your fingerprints and biometric photographs will be taken. When you are going for the interview, you will require to bring some of the valid documents, which are as follows:

  • Valid passport
  • Some other form of identification documents
  • ID card or driver license.

And if you are a lawful permanent resident, you will require you to bring the machine-readable permanent resident card. Moreover, some of the questions will be asked from you, like your reason to apply for frequent entry to the USA.

If everything goes fine in the interview, your application for the global entry program will get approved.

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How do I enter the USA with the Global Entry Program?

The people who are the member of the global entry program undergo the different entry process compared with the non-participants at the usual destination airport in the USA. The process is as follows:

  • For arrival at the airport, the members of the global entry program do not have to visit the border officials. Instead, they have to visit directly to the Global Entry Kiosks.
  • Now they have to scan their passport themselves through these machines.
  • After that, the fingerprints are taken.
  • After that, the final step is filling out the customs declaration at the terminal.

Depending on the information mentioned in the customs declaration, the kiosk points show the receipts that explain that the travelers still require to undergo any custom check at the border officials or are allowed directly to move to the baggage claim.

How long is the Global Entry Membership valid for?

The global entry membership is valid for a limited time. The pass holder can use this for the simplified entry in the USA for five years.

But for the participants from Germany, some additional regulations are applied, which a fresh security check by the federal police needs after the span of two years to continue participation. For notifying, CBP sends an email to the members before the deadline crosses for the security inspection.

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How to renew your global entry membership?

After the validity of your global entry members ends, you can easily renew it. To renew the membership, the applicants must again log into their account by visiting the Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) website and there, applicants can renew their application. As soon as you pay the fee, the membership will be automatically extended.

Why my Global entry application got rejected?

  • As mentioned above, it is not difficult to apply for the global entry membership, but mentioned below are some of the reasons why your application might get rejected.
  • Nationality which is not accepted for the programme
  • You might be involved in present or previous criminal activities or maybe the warrants issued against you.
  • You provided the wrong information while filling the application.

Is a Global Entry membership the right thing for me?

If you plan to enter the USA several times in the forthcoming five years, be it for professional or private reasons. Then it is worth applying for the Global Entry Program. With the help of this, you get rid of long lines, and hence it will save you lots of time during the identity checks and security checks.

If you don’t usually plan to visit the USA or maybe visit once or twice in five years, it’s better not to spend your money applying for the global entry program.

Can children participate in the Global Entry Program?

Children under 18 years of age also get eligible to apply for the Global entry process. Moreover, they must need the consent of their legal guardians or parents. Also, their parents or guardians need to present when the child goes for the Enrollment centres interview. Regardless of parents applies for the program or not. Children need to follow the same registration process as completed by the adults, like registering the fingerprints.

Will I need to be interviewed again when I renew my program membership?

An interview is not mandatory after renewing your global entry membership. However, after submitting your renewal application fees and checking your account simultaneously, check if there are any updates about your next process. Then you will get a mail, and hence your membership validity will be extended.


What countries accept global entry?

Global entry is acceptable for several countries with trusted agreements with CBP, including Germany, India, Colombia, Mexico, the Netherland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Republic of Korea.

Do I need to declare dual citizenship for Global Entry?

Yes, you require involving the citizenship of all the countries accompanied by the passports or supporting documents issued to you.

Can you enter the US with a Global Entry card?

Yes, with the Global entry card, you can legally enter the U.S. In addition, this card allows you to enter the U.S. faster.

Is clear better than global entry?

CLEAR provides extra entertainment, the membership cost of th CLEAR is much higher, and you will require to visit through one of the 35 U.S. airports consistently is very beneficial. At the same time, you will still require a global entry to get a much shorter security line when travelling.

Who is eligible for Global Entry?

To get eligible for Global entry, you should be a U.S. lawyer, permanent resident or U.S. citizen. Citizens of the selected countries get eligible to apply for Global Entry. Candidates under 18 years of age with a legal guardian or a parent get eligible to apply for the Global entry.

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