Transcreation Meaning & It’s Uses



Transcreation is a process similar to translation which involves adapting content from one language to another. However maintaining the integrity, tone, and style of the source document. Transcreation meaning includes different concepts for instance cultural adaptation, internationalization, marketing translation, free-style translation, etc. In short, transcreation is translation+ creation that emphasizes the translator’s independent creative role.

As the global market is expanding rapidly, the marketing and advertising measures are evolving as well. Therefore, to be effective and efficient the marketing should be in such a manner that the target audience connects to the message. Thus, giving them a reason to buy the product or the service. In addition to language translation, business transcreation includes culture, mores, dialects, idioms, humor, and other factors.

Renowned brands like coca-cola, Volkswagen, etc. tend to transcreate advertisements according to the region they advertise them in. This is to ensure that their corporate brand identity is properly conveyed in highly diverse markets around the world. Consumers are the base and ultimate source of success for any business. Therefore, in order to establish a relationship between the consumers, the brand may have t create an emotional connection.


The concept of transcreation includes language translation, cultural and emotional relativity. So, when a company wants to deliver their native message with different cultures and languages, they hire a translation agency to translate and create their message for use in international markets. However, the message in the source content should not be lost.

Transcription, just like translation, transcription, and transliteration help to expand the business into a new market. It may also involve removing some local messages, or re-organizing information to capture your target audience’s interest. Therefore, it can be an effective tool for globalization. Moreover, we can use it in all media: radio advertisements, voiceovers, websites, banner advertisements, etc

One may use transcreation when the brand has more nuanced content. Moreover, to make the target audience understand the brand’s message and voice, specifically advertising and marketing collateral. The emotion, tone, style, and intent of the advertising message should remain the same.

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Creative translation is essential in your corporate and marketing texts. The benefits of transcreation do not limit to the most visible material. Some of the following are the benefits of taking transcreation services.

  • Effective marketing calls for a great deal of creativity, and this also applies to multilingual marketing.
  • It’s effective in all communication where creativity is needed to reinforce the message.
  • It increases brand awareness among different groups and regions.
  • Further, businesses use it for marketing and advertising field as a way to adapt creative messages or slogans to global audiences
  • A proper advertisement transcreation may result in a new message, not a new idea, therefore expansion of the business.
  • Transcreation significantly contributes to optimizing your localized content for search engines.

A website may completely fail if its linguists simply translate it by a google translator or bilingual dictionary. Therefore, it is very important for an international organization to invest in a translation agency that offers transcreation help as well.


Both translation and transcreation have the same objective of converting content from one language to another maintaining integrity. However, transcreation focuses on providing custom translations in accordance with the region. Having a consistent message in local languages is the best marketing strategy to achieve a global presence. The following are the points of difference between translation and transcreation:

  • While translation focuses on replacing the words from the source with the target language, transcreation services focus on conveying the same message and concept in a new language.
  • While translators seek to reproduce the wording and intent of a message. Transcreation is copywriter linguists who seek to evoke the emotional response by re-creating the message in accordance with the target audience.
  • The process of translation starts with a source text. Transcreation starts with a creative brief of the content in your source language. A thorough understanding of the concepts of the advertisement is necessary to trigger the result.
  • While translating a document the translator has to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the content and the format. Transcreation ensures the delivery of the message to the target audience however the content may not be exact.
  • One may calculate the cost of translation on per word or per page basis; whereas transcreation is charged on an hourly or project complexity basis.
  • The translation is about the conversion of the exact content in a different language. Transcreation is about creating new content that captures the brand voice and message in an entirely new language.

No matter what services you take, the first step is to know the type of service that can get you the maximum outcome. Nowadays, most online translation agencies such as ourselves include transcreation in their services, to help clients consolidate their positions in local markets.

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